View Poll Results: After seeing the pics from the Collectors Event, how do you rate the Clone Wars line?

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  • It's awesome! I can't wait to get these new items!

    154 32.98%
  • It's better than I expected. I'll buy them to complete a collection.

    113 24.20%
  • Pretty decent, though I'm not that impressed. I may get some.

    99 21.20%
  • Ugggh. I dread some of the newest additions to the toy line. I'm not buying these.

    58 12.42%
  • I can't say now. I have to wait until I see them in person to decide.

    43 9.21%
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    They look like they are bringing in alot of the more obscure charachters. I LIKE IT!!!!!!
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    So, I guess my last post wasn't all I had to say on this subject. A lot of people not agreeing on this, but what most people are agreeing on is not liking Durge... I personally haven't seen a good enough picture of him to make a decission.

    I think it's interesting that many people also say they love Ventress... and I haven't seen ANY pictures of her toy yet. I HAVE seen her in the comics and HAVE NOT seen Durge there yet. I wonder if you all out there like what you know and since Durge doesn't "officially" exist in the Star Wars Universe yet you all are in dis-like with the toy.

    Funny how Ventress looks a lot like the sith witch that EI and EII designers wanted instead of Maul and Dooku. Did someone get the hint?

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    Right on...Clone Wars figures, eh? ALL OF YOU OUT THERE...FORGET THIS MADNESS AND PETITION FOR THE PORTMAN wars...uhm...what I mean is...more Natalie Portman figures..with of that angelic genetic mutant who puts all other females to shame. HAIL AMIDALA....

    J.K. Portman's cool, but really....I could do better.


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