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    Thumbs up wow! thankyou so much r2dee2 and sicqnus!

    i've been so busy lately at work, spending most of my time away from the office at various projects throughout south florida. yesterday, when i got into the office quite late, i noticed a package waiting for me. it actually must have been there a couple of days. upon opening it, i find the emblemless a-wing that i've been hunting for years!

    thankyou so much sicqnus for bringing the possibility of attaining one to our attention, and thank you r2, for kindly insuring that this toy would become mine!

    i am so thankful of the wonderful place that we have all created here.

    this is what a collectors community is supposed to be about!

    thank you again and again and again and again!

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    It's great to know the little ship has landed...
    You'll have to thank R2 more than me.

    And I have to thank you Good Shot' and the other foruMMers for this great place (to be).:happy:
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    GSJ, so glad you now have this baby!! It's one of the cooler AF "variations" , alongside the white SA X-wing, the "hinge" changes and of course my fav, the JCP remote control that firing button

    You're welcome again and again!!

    Thanks to sicqnus more than me!!!! HE did all the work!!
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    more props to sicqnus

    He is a true Gentleman among collectors.
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