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    Do we need more playsets?

    For me, I'm kinda torn on this issue. Playsets of course cost more, and take up alot more space, but still there is something about playsets I just love. I even loved the cardboard cantina and Jabba's palace .

    I NEVER ever seen the Endor or Hoth playsets, so I kinda wish those where re-issued. What playsets would you like to see in the saga line, if any at all?? I guess the scene packs could be thought of as mimi playsets....

    For me, Lars Homestead is at the top of my list, as well as Emperor's throne room for Jedi.

    How about you, would you want more playsets?
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    Yes, Yes Yes. I want alot of vintage playsets redone. I want the Imperial Attack Base so bad. I had 2 as a kid and now none. I also want an Ewok Village and a Death Star. I would like re-issues but would buy vintage if necessary.
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    Naa I'll pass on the playset. The 3 packs and "Scene Builders" sets are good enough for me.

    I don't play with or pose my stuff. Just set them up on a shelf or my radio.

    I do have the arena playset, didn't open it though. Not enough room, but I wasn't over jazzed about some of the gimicks either.

    I'd gladly pass on the playsets if they sank the research and development into the figures or other ships.

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    From what we've seen of the new lines it seems the playset is coming back with the War Room and Jedi sets. I think this is a good return for them.

    With the weekness of the Arena I would have to say that I would prefer Hasbro stays away from the full blown playsets and should stick with these new ones. The scale and the detail is much easier to attain, whereas the Arena was just not that great.

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    I would prefer backgrounds or stages as opposed to playsets.

    I don't actually play with the toys, so I am looking for something more suitable for display, rather than fun factor.
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    I'd totally dig more playsets. All those vintage photos over at Cloud City Collectibles really got me thinking . . .

    Those old playsets were certainly cool.

    I'd love to see some of them re-issued. Frankly, many of them are much, much cooler than any of the modern playsets . . . Even the ones that are pretty nifty --- like the Death Star Escape --- are way too small!

    I'd love to see them reissue the Death Star with some retooling. Even something like the old Land of The Jawas is something I would probably buy. I miss the old days of cool displays.

    PS --- I actually rather like the Carbon Freezing Chamber. Sure, it was a tad too small, but I still get a real kick out of this piece . . . The Bar Sections that came with Cantina Packs also get very high marks from me.

    PS 2 -- Yeah, the War Room especially looks pretty dang cool. Now if only the rumoured Emperor's Throne Room set comes to pass. And is totally wicked cool!
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    Frankly, they are necessary.

    For me at least.

    I am RAPIDLY losing interest in the line. Too many figures look like they are "voguing" and now that I think about it --- I have far too many figures anyway. I'd love something else to buy that the figures I already own could use . . .
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    GOOD playsets, yeah, that'd be nice.
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    Yeah, I'd love some new playsets, as long as they were really cool and fairly accurate. Emperor's Throne Room, Lars Homestead, some sort of Echo Base or Rebel Trench, Ewok Villiage and maybe a Lars Homestead would all be great.

    Edit: I just thought of another while browsing the "Dear Hasbro" forum! A Bespin Control Room/Gantry like the old Micro collection would be great, and coul have some cool features.
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    I guess playsets have passed me by. I open and display not play. It could be that I havent seen a really good one in so long that I've forgotten the fun. I do have a vintage Death Star playset but its not that great to look at. It was hella fun to play with when I was a kid though.
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