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    Do you have EVERYTHING out on display?

    There have been more than a few threads about various display options as well as the current one about yellowing of figures due to sun exposure, which got me wondering...does anyone out there have everything out on display?

    I assume that most of us have to store a great deal of what we have due to space limitations, bringing out bits and pieces every now and again. But how about those lucky people with spare rooms, or you single guys/gals who have "allowed" the collection to overtake your living space? How many of you are there and how much of your home belongs to Star Wars?

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    Actually, I do have everything out on display. All the toys I own are displayed in one manner or another in my "toy room".

    I was fortunate to buy a house recently, and with it came a large finished basement. One of the rooms is dedicated to my home theater, and the other is my toy room. It's very nice!!!
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    Hey QLD, you forgot about the "Dance studio" and the "Workshop" *snicker*
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    Oh yeah, sorry, to answer your question I'm still searching for the ultimate display solution. I'm getting really close now with a certain swedish furniture company.
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    I'm one of those single guys where my collection has overtaken my apt. The only room w/ no SW is the bathroom. I have a bunch of stuff I don't have out- some for lack of display space, and some b/c after opening I decided they weren't that great like some of the POTF2 DS playsets (Detention Cell, DS Chasm).
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    Every room in my apartment has something of Star Wars in it. The bathroom even has a Star Wars light switch. Unfortunatly, I don't have enough space to display "everything". I even have a closet in the living room, packed full of my older Star Wars collection. My closet in my bedroom, also has a lot of Star Wars items, mostly the empty boxes from my SW lego's. Posters and autographs line the hallway, and living room, framed of course. I have to get a bigger place!
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    Sadly I don't have the room to completely display everything. The 4 shelves I currently use are just about to their max and I'm constantly forced to adjust what's displayed and not. Those collections that are small are often ousted by the growing selections that are larger. Some day I hope to have a proper display area to give the complete collection a showing.
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    I'm planning to eventually have a SW room to which all of my figures will be confined. Right now though, it's cardboard boxes I'm afraid.
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    Sadly no, I have as much as will possibly fit, but TONS of toys and cool stuff put away. I even finally put away the 6'-tall stack of 12" SW figs. I have 90% of my Beast Wars put away (that's a lot of figs), about 300+ '90s Marvel figs in tubs, all my Micro Machines playsets in rubbermade tubs, and lots of other brickabrack in boxes and tubs.

    But I make sure to have SW, Transformers, Batman, and Gundam always as much on display as possible.
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    I was lucky enough to find a house with a three car garage, well it's only a one car now that I have converted the other side into my personal starwars domain! All my personal starwars art as well as dioramas take up the majority of the wall space. After I finish my latest picture I'm drawing, I'm going to rearrange the entire place and start putting up all of my starwars posters that I have been buying over the past few years. Cool thing about this garage is that I have a huge attic in which to store all the figs I haven't opened yet. As soon as I score a nice display case all those figs are going to in that bad boy.
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