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    Toys r' Us xwing


    I just ordered this from yestertoys for $30. So does anyone have this toy? Did I make a good purchase? I am just trying to ease my mind. I originally was not going to buy this but then I read some reviews and everything seemed positive for this toy so I decided what the heck and went for it.
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    Well its really like the F/X X-WING without all the sounds and what not. I have it, and love it!!!! R2 can finnally be takin out, AND it comes with Luke's lantern, and lunch box().

    I think some would like the FX version better, but not I. You made a GREAT purchase IMO.
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    Wow, $30?

    I still see them at my local TRU for $40.
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    Definately a good choice. An excellent toy. Boxed or loose it's cool. Nice bargain.

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    Cool. Thanks for easing my mind. I can't wait to get this thing. I am going to display it with my vintage dagobah playset. It should look awsome.
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    I bought mine last week, and I love it. Nicely detailed, cool R2, what more can you ask for. Truly the best looking X-Wing ever IMO. Good purchase.
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    tumbs up Bro
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    I have mine kept in the package. I bought it a while back when TRU had the buy $20 of hasbro stuff and get a silver anniversary R2-D2. I love mine...well worth the $40 I spent!!
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    I grow curious.... Anyone got a link to some pics of it?

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    Yeah, lots of pics right here in the SSG Collectors Database.

    Here's one more courtesy of Rebelscum:
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