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    Question painting the toys

    I'm curious: do you paint your AF toys (or others) if they are not painted as in the movie ? How do you do it? With what?
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    You will need model paints. They are sold in any hobby shops, and in toy's shops that carry model kits (but the choice is poor in this case).

    The type of paint depends of what you want to do.

    If you just want to paint it brand new, you just need acrylics paints (water or alcohol based, tamiya for example).

    If you intend to do some weathering, this is a different story. This is realized with wash and drybrush technics. And then, you will also need enamel paints (oil based, humbrol for example), or better artist paint (windsor for ex.), clear coats (brilliant and matt) ... and practice. I can explain further if you want to explore this way.

    Hope this helps
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