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    JT, get the Hercules Prophet 64 meg GeForce 2 card. It is only around 120 dollars, and it is also the only card besides the geforce 3 cards known to actually run tribes 2 with no flaws. Can't beat that for 120 bucks.

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    I would have to go with the SNES games. They were SO awesome. I own Super ESB and I still play it. SOTE was very cool too, that got some real good play time. I have played a bit of Dark Forces II and that was really cool, but I own a Mac (don't hurt me), so I only got to play it once.

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    Jedi Knight would have to be my favorite. Making 3dos and stuff for the levels are pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

    Even though it's an N64 game, I'd have to say my second fave would be Battle for Naboo or Starfighter. ;D
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    Jedi Knight, and Rogue Squadron are my favorites. I also like Power Battles for Dreamcast (Don't hurt me! *crouches into fetal position) I love being able to play as Plo-Koon and Mace Windu.

    Also, Star Wars Galaxies could quite possibly be the greatest MMORPG ever, if its done right. There is a lot of debates going on over at their forums though on what should and shouldn't be included. But I do hope it turns out good.
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    Thumbs up Top 3

    1. Rebellion
    2. Jedi Power Battles (PS)
    3. Force Commander

    I don't care how dumb they are to others, i love them. I am also looking forward to Galactic Battlegrounds!
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