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    Originally posted by Fulit
    My, God they're playing it on every T.V. at Wal-Mart when you go. You can't escape it. Everytime a marine drops his helmet in Qatar, I know about it 30 seconds later.

    "Shop Wal-Mart for low prices while watching your government take down a corrupt Middle-Eastern regime!"

    The future is weird.
    That was very surreal watching TV of a whole wall of TV's showing the bombing of Baghdad.

    I was eerily reminded of the old Atari game Missile Command .
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    They should leave the coverage to the CNNs, MSNBCs and such. I would like to think that most folks have basic cable nowadays. If not, there is always NPRadio.
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    I think your confusing your wars, your picnic reference was for the Civil War not the Revolutionary War.
    You are correct, I don't know why I always do that, mix up the Civil War and the Revolutionary War.
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    It really doesn't matter, the Americans won in both.
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    Fulit-, yeah its the same with the wally words around here.
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    Shock and Awe: the Reality Series.

    I think it was nice of America to leave the power plants intact this time around. Seeing stuff blow up with the lights on is waaay more entertaining than having to watch that blurry night scope vision from twelve years ago.

    God bless you America. Always thinking ahead.
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    Do we need wall to wall coverage? Is there real value to having "live" cameras in Baghdad so we, here at home, can watch each bomb drop?
    i understand your frustration, but this is really big news, and if the networks didn't have "wall to wall" coverage there would be as many people complaining about the lack of coverage or say the government is trying to hide something.

    i too think this coverage should be limited to nightly news casts and the 24 hour cable news stations.

    it looks like network TV is slowly returning to regular programing after just a few days. i saw a lot of hocky, basketball and sitcom re-runs on stations that were running 24 hour coverage the first few days.
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    Man I don't know what is worse, the cheesy song set I have to hear all night long or them broadcasting CNN radio over the intercom.
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    Remind me NEVER to use these words again!

    "Shock" and "Awe"

    OMG The media sure is good at driving things home to such a point that they actually ruin a word or an image that once was just a plain ol' word or image.

    Stoopid media!

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    We're getting a great deal of coverage here in the UK too.
    We have 5 main channels here that are broadcast nationally via an analogue signal (therefore no need for a satellite/cable subscription) and there's a good chance that at any given time one of those channels will be broadcasting something about the war.

    I actually have it turned on for most of the time I'm in the house. I'm interested in the progess and I must confess that I do get a certain entertainment value from seeing the newsreaders in Iraq and seeing the bombs drop. That may sound sick, but I must be in the majority - otherwise the war wouldn't get as much airtime as it does.

    You know what really got on my nerves though? During the sniper shootings in Washington a few months back our news service was reporting with a map of Washington in the background and guess what they were using to mark the shootings? A bloody cross-hair. Like it was a video-game! Whoever made that decison should have been fired, if not worse.

    As soon as they caught the shooters I lost interest/stopped hearing about those events, so I don't know what the shooter's motivation was. But as that story was being broadcast, the news agencies, the public and as far as I know, the poilce had no idea about the motivation. Why then would they possibly encourage more shootings by using video-game graphics? What if the shooters were watching the news reports and enjoying the coverage. Talk about stupidity.
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