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    Originally posted by derek
    i understand your frustration, but this is really big news, and if the networks didn't have "wall to wall" coverage there would be as many people complaining about the lack of coverage or say the government is trying to hide something.
    I don't know that I'd describe myself as "frustrated" by the manner in which this particular conflict is being covered. As a "media" person myself, it's more of an curiosity at the ways technology is used to both disperse information "objectively" and at the same time, to perhaps influence public opinion and/or placate a widespread desire to know what's happening immediately.

    I couldn't help but think of the movie Rollerball (James Caan version) and the premise behind that story. If I remember it correctly, war had become so destructive (go figure) that the world community had chosen to "solve" all of it's conflicts using the outcome of a sport to decide the victor. The problem arose that it became popular as entertainment and "stars" were developing as public heroes.

    But the whole concept of "reality tv" is really interesting anyway. Essentially what's going on is that a whole lot of people sprawl out on their couches, munching on Cheetos, while watching electronic images of other people actually doing something flash in front of them night after night. The scenario isn't really that far off from regular fictional programming except that "reality tv" isn't scripted in the same way. But the end result is the same. "We" are fed images of other people doing extra-ordinary things that we would never do for one reason or another. Sometimes it's entertainment. Sometimes it's informational. But "event" after "event," that line seems to be getting a bit blurrier.

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    I think it's definitely a good thing because if this man (Hussein) does any bad things, the media will see it and he will suffer the consequences.

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    Yesterday here there was a large protest on Hollywood blvd, so we took Sunset which is where the CNN building is. In front of it, earlier in the day, apparently the protesters were there too (and left a lot of garbage in the street). Even though they moved over to Hollywood blvd by the time I was in the neighborhood, I saw some of the protesters holding signs that said stuff like "CNN: WAR IS NOT A VIDEO GAME" and "CNN: WAR IS NOT FOR RATINGS". I'm not sure how the 2nd one applies since during the war CNN doesn't air commercials and thus doesn't receive any income for their coverage, but the first one did ring true. I hate those graphics these news organizations use of a simplified map of Iraq with little bomb-blasts showing the location of stuff that we're blowing up right now. What next, health status bars, body-counts, and a SCORE field?

    When I watch the coverage, it's not to be entertained, it's to be informed. Trying to read the crawl and other OSGs while paying attention to graphics is nearly impossible, thus I don't get informed by either sources AND I'm not even entertained. I'm up till about 3am every day, the other night I flipped on CNN and there was a live scene of Marines in Iraq blowing up enemy tanks and getting fired upon by an Iraqi with a grenade launcher. While the footage was crappy thanks to pitiful MPEG satellite technology (is it a thumb, a rear-view mirror, enemy soldiers, WHAT AM I SEEING?!?), it did seem present the situation without turning it into entertainment - it was scary and dangerous and the Marines got themeselves out of immediate danger so they could stay safe and better assess the situation. The reporter and his crew on the other hand were too close to the Iraqi tanks that were being destroyed and were waiting too long to get away, they did get out in time but there were explosions all around and they started to leave the camera guy behind as they took off and they were freaking out a little. The crew were even swearing a bit, their reporter reminded them that they were still live, but the anchors back in the states told them not to worry about it. That felt honest to me, honestly frightening, brave, panicked and all while painting a picture of that specific scene. It didn't seem hokey or particularly propagandized, it didn't make the actions of these Marines look overly-heroic or insultingly weak - it did however present the truth that few news organizations or governments ever promote: retreat is sometimes a necessary part of battle even when you're winning, retreating to safety isn't always about cowardice.

    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    It really doesn't matter, the Americans won in both.
    Tell that to the Confederate Americans in that 2nd one... though I hear some southerners still think they won that war.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks

    Tell that to the Confederate Americans in that 2nd one... though I hear some southerners still think they won that war.
    ??We did didn't we??

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    Originally posted by Fulit
    ??We did didn't we??

    Yup, that's why Jefferson Davis is on our $4-bill and the 33-cent piece.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I think the coverage is almost overkill.... I certainly agree with the presenting everything so we understand whats going on, but uh, hang on.. sorry to interrupt, were going to live to Baghdad... whats that? you saw a flash of light? thats great, stay safe.. now where was I? Hang on, lemme pull up, if I could just pull up my map and show you guys what were currently doing..

    seriously though, coverage and COMPLETE coverage seem to be two different things...

    I did like the lady from the Pentagon the other day. She did something I thought was very comendable.. A reporter asked a question, and worded it as such that it seemed like a game to him. She stopped the reporter and scolded him a good one. It was pretty much to say, you guys need to figure out how to present your questions, this isnt a game, its a war, and its not fun. I was outta my chair with that one. She left him have it, and deservadly so...

    now, If I could just pull up my map, and show you guys..

    Who do you think is giving the best coverage? CNN? FOX? MSNBC?
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    Originally posted by Tonysmo

    Who do you think is giving the best coverage? CNN? FOX? MSNBC?
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    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    I think your confusing your wars, your picnic reference was for the Civil War not the Revolutionary War.
    Yeah, that was the Civil War, though I'm certain it probably happened to some extent before then.
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    I heard an anchor last night tell one of the "imbedded" reporters that his reports have been so vivid, that "I can taste the Iraqi sand in my mouth."

    Maybe it just sounded weird, but I thought it sounded pretty dumb.
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    Can their sand taste must different from anyone else's sand?
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