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    Angry Brian's Toys Early March = Next week!

    OK, I need to vent here. I ordered a Shuttle from Brian's Toys a few weeks back and had some trouble with the website.

    I called 'em up and placed the order. So far so good, they even took my e-mail address and told me they would e-mail me when it was shipped. COOL!

    Now, the site said these were expected in early March. Here it is the 22nd and still no e-mail and no sign of my shuttle.

    So I called today and they informed me that they would be getting them in next week, 24th-28th?!?!?

    I can understand delays, but it would have been nice to get an e-mail letting me know about the delay, especially considering the nature of the order, well over $100.00!!! Oh, and the fact that I had to call long distance (no 1-800 number).

    If something is going to be delayed 3 weeks or more you would thing that they might pay attention to customer service.

    OK, I just had to vent, feeling better.
    May the force be with you.

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    Yeah, good old Brians Toys....

    The only problem I've had with them is that they just cant seem to get the "send it to my work address" thing right (I have all my stuff sent there since someone likes to steal mail in my apartment bldg).

    BTW: I only buy loose customizing fodder from them since new stuff is so overpriced.

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    That would definitely tick me off. Im big on being updated, especially when someone has something of mine ($, figs, etc) and Im waiting on something of theirs. Very uncomfortable, and the only way to feel better about it is to hear an update from the other person.

    That could be one of the golden rules of trading, were there ever to be any published:

    Thou shalt send thy stuff in a timely fashion.

    Thou shalt keep in touch with thy partner via an agreed upon method until BOTH parties have received.

    I guess those are the big ones, huh? Thought the list would be a little bigger. Sorry.

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    Well, I got my Shuttle yesterday!!!!

    ...and there was much rejoycing...


    Seriously, this thing is BIG, I mean BIG!!! I literally had to hold it sideways as I walked down the stairs (wings down).

    I tried to put it next to the TV in the bedroom and had to move it because it towered over the poor little 13 inch TV/VCR combo!!!

    One thing I did notice was the lack of the "FAO exclusive" on the box. I also noted that mine has 2 Japanese stickers on the back. Brian's must have ordered these direct from Hong Kong.

    Anyway, meesa one happy sith killer.
    May the force be with you.


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