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    Lay-O-Way is both wonderful AND heartbreaking.

    Well I got me some new toys today . I found a SC Anakin,Factory chase Padme, new Tusken,new Dooku,both scene packs,action fleet X-Wing,Falcon,and a Tie...uh, dont know if it was a tie bomber or a Darth Vader tie, I just saw it and grabbed it...

    So I made out pretty good! I also saw 1 Boba Fett and Mace, but passed on them. But the thing is.. they are all on lay-o-way! Its really a blessing I wont have to worry about these now, so l-o-w is WONDERFUL in my book, but at the same time its killing me!

    , I have new figures and I cant even hold them! Ahhhhhhh! Oh well, why am I complaining???
    "May the force be with you, always"

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    I agree. Layaway is both a blessing and a curse. My big problem with Wal*Mart, is the stuff is usually crushed beyond belief by the time I get it out of there. Luckily, the last stuff I put in Lay-o-way was the Anakin and Zam speeders and Slave 1 for the kids, so box condition didn't matter much.
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    Lay away is for crack addicts.
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    Why are you?
    What do you want?

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    Originally posted by 12inch Lando
    Lay away is for crack addicts.

    Uh, what?
    "May the force be with you, always"

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    So Amy, you found the Trash sets and pasted on the Fett. Are you nuts, I'd die for one.
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    I was a retail manager at a computer/video game software store in the past. The only people who inquired about lay away looked like they were on crack. No joke. Well it eventually became a running joke.
    Who are you?
    Why are you?
    What do you want?

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    Originally posted by turbowars
    So Amy, you found the Trash sets and pasted on the Fett. Are you nuts, I'd die for one.

    Well I got the scene packs, but yeah Boba just looked strange to me. I was going to get him, till I seen him up close.

    12inch Lando- thats funny, It always seems like the WORKERS are on something to me. They get confused just taking your address and phone number half the time.
    "May the force be with you, always"

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    Yeah lay-away is wonderful, sometimes you get some good people who actually care about your items and they gently place them in the boxes, sometimes you don't but that's fortunately rare here.
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    Lay-a-way is awesome. If you are low on cash and see lots o goodies then you can actually get them. You don't have to pass and wonder if they will have it on pay day and then if they don't you have to hunt them down again. I like Lay-a-way. It is a collectors friend.
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    I'm so jealous you found a Tusken Raider. So Jealous --- I am secretly pleased that you cannot yet hold it . . . Heh heh heh.

    Hmmmm, perhaps my new moniker should be Mark Vader.


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