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    Unhappy Any Phoenix, Az collectors out there?

    One of the main reasons im posting this is because im pretty much just frustrated and fed up. Of course this doesn't mean I will stop collecting star wars but i just want to see if any one has had any luck finding the newest star wars figures. Right now the latest figures I have found are Lama Su with clone boy, Barris Offee, and Aayla Secure. I did see the blond haired variant of the imperial officer but the bubble was pretty crushed. Now this was about 3 and a half weeks ago. I have yet to find Obi wan acklay battle, Darth Tyrannus, Boba Fett carkoon, R2 with rocket boosters, total control Mace, and ceremony Anakin. Now when I did find lama su and the other two that was the one and only time I did see them at any stores. I have searched high and low across phoenix, mainly the west side and some times the east. It has just been so dry at wal-marts, targets and especially toys r us. There just a joke. Last thing I found there was the 12inch Leia in boussh disguise. I keep hearing about how rare and hard to find Ephant mon has become. I myself have seen the same scalpers at the stores every morning and they always grab every single ephant mon. Do they have no shame. Well of course not there scalpers. Im lucky to own 2 Ephant Mon's, and im happy with that. Well if there are any phoenix collectors out there I'd be happy to hear from you. Happy hunting and May the Force be with you.

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    Hi ImperialSRH,

    I completely agree with you. I've had some seriously bad luck lately finding figures out here. From what I understand, most of the phx area collectors find better luck in the Mesa/Tempe area, as well as Paradise Valley. Phoenix seems to be either under a dry spell with these figures or under the largest wave of early-bird collectors (and scalpers) I've ever seen. Good Luck to you though. Those are some great finds you have there. I'm still looking for all of those myself.
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    Thumbs up finds

    If you happen to run into any new figures, let me know. I'll do the same maybe we can do some trading or what not. I'll keep ya posted on what stores I find the new figs at. Thats if I can get my hands on them. Good Luck.

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    Sounds good. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Just checked a Kmart today that used to be gold mine for me (found a bloody wrist variant Luke there a while back), but alas, no luck. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. Happy Hunting & Good Luck.
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    Thumbs down

    I hit the 59th ave and bell walmart this morning and the only thing they got in were the new action fleet vehicles. 2 each of slave 1, republic gunship, and republic cruiser. Pretty nice ships and the packaging has been redone. I also went to 19th ave and bethany home walmart, 83rd ave and bell target and 91st ave and northern target and of course they had nothing. Well maybe tomorrow.

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    Hey ImperialSRH, there's actually another topic for Phoenix area collectors, but with the lack of new stuff recently it's been pretty dead. I'm an east valley collector myself, but my job takes me all over. So far, I've found a Obi-Wan AB, Darth Tyranus GE (found those at the Wal-Mart on Chaparral); Eeth Koth & the Analysis Droids (at Target on Arizona Ave. & Warner in Chandler); and just last Friday I found Padme, Tusken Raider, Teebo, Rebel Trooper, and Imperial Officer (Target on Alma School & Queen Creek in Ocotillo). You're right about TRU, they haven't had crap in except the 12 inch figs. Last year, everything was easy to find until Ephant Mon. Things will more than likely clear up after stores start to move some of the old figures. They need to put them on clearance.

    Just wanted to add that I've also found the Anakin and Dooku speeder bikes at a couple of Targets in the East Valley
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    Hey well its good to hear that a fellow collector is actually finding some kind of new star wars product. Your lucky to have found the new darth tyrannus and obi wan. I haven't even seen those down here in the west valley at all. I also haven't seen the anakin and dooku speeders but I have heard of them being found in the east valley like you did. You know it scares me to think of how hard it is to find new product because we have some nice exclusives coming to us this year. For instance the Jawa sandcrawler which is gonna be just awesome. Also the 12inch versions of the Max Rebo band. Now I know everyone will be clamoring for those. I hope hasbro gets a step up on production and shipping and I hope to god the stores get there act together soon! Well I'll keep all you guys up to date on what I find. Good Luck, and may the force be with you.

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    What SW products do you buy? Unleashed, Action Fleet, Basic Figures, 12"? What other lines do you collect? I ask cause I'll keep my eyes open if I find anything.

    Happy Hunting
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    I mainly collect the basic action figures. I sometimes collect the deluxe but only if there cool like the clone trooper with speeder bike and the geonosian warrior. I also collect the 12inch figures but only certain ones. I tend to stay away from the action fleet because its just more money to spend. I'm not saying there not awesome looking ships because they are. I just can't buy everything hasbro puts out. I was also interested in getting the new unleashed vader, leia, luke and emperor.

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    That new Unleashed Leia I'm sure will be hard to find. If the first place I see it is KB, I might have to actually buy it there
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