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    Another sad day for star wars collecting, but hey i'll keep trying. I did however finally find something new. I picked up the new Rocket flying R2 at walmart on 19th ave and Bethany Home. The funny thing was that I go there all the time when they open and r2 was the only new figure hanging there. Well along with all the old crap. So I think somebody in toys probably stocked during the day. To bad I missed out on Carkoon Fett. So hopefully this is a sing of good things to come. I'll keep everyone posted.

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    Well yesterday I decided to hit a bunch of Wal-Marts. I actually had some luck. Went to 9 different ones mostly in the West Valley. Here is the highlights:
    Saw alot of Clone Trooper (Republic Gunship Pilot), Destroyer Droid (Geonosis Battle), and Jango Fett (Slave 1 Pilot). Had never seen these figure before. Also almost all the Wal-Marts I went to had the TIE Bombers.
    I picked up the following:
    2x Destroyer Droids
    2x Clone Troopers
    1x Endor Rebel Soldier (Clean Shave)

    Am really sad to report that I also alot of the figures that I saw looked to be purposly damaged including a Yoda Jedi Council figure. Now I know why I don't go to Wal-Marts that often!! I can't beleive a stock person would purposly damage product. So besides the Clone Trooper/Destroyer Droid wave not much else out there as far as new stuff, and even those are hard to find in good shape.

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    Glad to hear you found some new stuff for yourself. I hate it when there is a figure you need but then its damaged by a stock person or what not. That just really bugs me. How much were the Tie bombers priced at? I heard some walmarts had them from 14 to 10 bucks a pop. If they are let me know.

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    I picked up the new set of figures at walmart on 83rd and peoria yesterday morning. I got 1 set of Mace windu total control, darth tyrannus, obi wan acklay battle, flying r2, anakin ceremony, and boba fett pit of carkoon. The fett is the best of the whole set but the rest of the figures are pretty sweet. Finally the figures are hitting the stores.

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    Wow, I totally struck it rich yesterday. Me and my girlfriend took a little road trip and headed out to Prescott to check out the Antique stores and such. So of course we stopped at all the toy places and here is what we found:

    Prescott Wal-Mart: GOLD!!
    Mace Windu: Arena Confrontation
    R2-D2: Droid Factory Flight
    Obi-Wan: Acklay Battle
    Anakin: Secrect Ceremony
    Han: Hoth Rescue
    Chewie: Mynock Hunt
    Boba Fett: Pit of Carcoon

    Target and KB toys had nothing.

    at the Prescott Valley K-Mart I picked up some cool clearance deals:
    Star Wars Stratego for $1.50
    Zam Wessel 12" for $5
    and Jedi Defense Lego 1 set for $1.50

    Then on the way home we stopped at the Anthem KB Toys and picked up the Final Duel lego set for $3.00 and Ultimate Hair Episode 1 Queen Amidala doll for $2
    and at two Phoenix Kmarts we picked up some more clearance stuff:
    Star Wars Card game starter pack: $.80 (always wanted to try to play this)
    Jedi Defense 2 lego set: $1.50
    Jedi Starfighter Lego set: $5.00
    Lego Tusken Raider Encounter: $2.50

    Have also been picking up alot of the more common Saga figures at KB toys over the last week since they were on sale for 2.99 to 3.99 depending on what store you went to.

    So it has been a good couple of weeks for collecting for me, hope it stays like the clearance stuff.

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    Thumbs up Awesome!

    Man you did strike gold. I'm happy for ya man. I'm just waiting for Yoda and chian and the other jedi children 2 pack. There really hasn't been much for the past 2 weeks around the west side of town. I have noticed that the toys r us at metro mall and arrowhead mall have taken all there star wars down and made room for new stock. Thank god! It's about time. Hopefully this month will bring us all luck. happy hunting!

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    Almost forgot to tell you guys. I picked up the Republic Gunship at kaybee for just $19.50 Sweet deal. Keep your eyes pealed.

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    I picked up the new imperial 4pack at metro toys r us. I'ts pretty sweet. I can't wait for the other 4packs. They received 2 cases and some scalper bought a whole case. Damn them scalpers.

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    Well finally new figures are starting to show up. My girlfriend just started her first night last night at Target on the overnight stock shift and she saw new figures on the pegs...........she said they were all smashed though. She saw the Library Droids, Padme Droid Factory, Yoda and kids, Red Battle Droid, Imperial Officer as well as others. At least its a start of something good. Plus now maybe I can get a headstart on the scalpers since I will know when new stuff is put out!!

    On a sad note the TRU nearest me on Southern is closing, well I think it is closed now. Hated that one though, but its still a sad day to see a TRU go away. But the good news it that Target will be building a Target Greatland there where Wards/TRU is now and closing the Target on Dobson. Should be done in 2006
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    You know what, I saw all those figures at the target on 43rd and peoria. The funny thing is that they were all smashed. Like if the box was crushed. They had yoda and kid, the 2 other kids, red droid, imperial officer blond variation, and the two jedi chicks. I left all of them because I only collect mint. Its possible some employee or some other scalper could have smashed all the figures.


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