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    There is absolutley nothing out in the stores. The only thing I've seen thats remotely new is the dooku speeder bike and there was no anakin. That was at target on 83rd and bell. I personally think hasbro is just waiting out the months. I think they don't want to release new product so fast because they have 2 more years till episode 3. I dont know what there deal is.

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    Hello Fellow AZ collectors,
    I just joined this forum and this is my first read and post. So I though I would chime in and say whats up to everyone in AZ. I too feel all your pain in not being able to find anything new. Ever since the Saga line has come out I have not been that into collecting because there was just too much that initally came out. So I only pick up a few figures here and there. I think the last new Saga figure I picked up was the Padme Coruscant Attack figure. It is like anything new that comes out just vanishes into thin air here in the desert. Although if I do want to see some of the new figures for at least double the price I will go to the Brass Armadillo antique store and usually someone there has all the newer figures. Was just there yesterday and saw Teebo, Ephont Man, The Library Droids as well as others. I have NEVER seen any of these figures in an actual store. Makes me soo frustrated. It is almost like AZ is just being skipped over during shippments or something. I had troubles like this towards the end of the POTJ line also. Well I just wanted to let you guys know your not the only ones having a hard time. If I EVER see anything new I will be sure to post here.


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    It's good to have you on IG-808. I just don't know whats going on with the shipping of the new figures. Your right about the Brass Armadillo. You can pretty much always find someone with the new figures. I usually try not to go there to much to buy anything I just go and look so I can get a good idea of whats out there. What stores do you frequently go to?

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    Yeah I don't buy anything at the Brass Armadillo either, just to look. The 2 stores I frequent most often are Toys'R'Us on Southern and Dobson by Fiesta Mall and Target on McClintock and Baseline. I go to a few other Targets and TRU's every now and then. I stay away from Wal*Marts unless I am really bored. I just can't stand being in those stores, they are such a mess. In the past week I have been to the TRU on Power road, they had nothing. Also the TRU near Metro Mall had nothing either. Me and my GF used to love to drive around town and hit all the TRU's and Targets in the Valley looking for figures until stuff stopped showing up. I also hit the Tucson TRU's and Targets whenever we are down there visiting family.


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    I mainly go to Targets and toys r us. I sometimes go to wal-marts and I hardly ever go to kmarts. There just a lost cause. The stores I hit frequently are Target on 7th street and bell, 83rd and bell, and 43rd and peoria. The toys r us stores I hit are metro center and arrowhead mall. I've heard that the stores down in Tucson can be goldmines sometimes. Is that true? I've heard it from a few collectors. I just hardly ever go down to tucson. I use to also love to go to every store i could in one day but now its just gotten so dry, I just hit maybe 4 stores on the weekend and 1 or 2 during the week. Hopefully the new month will bring us some bounties. I'll keep everybody up to date with what I find if anything.

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    Not too sure about the Tucson stores as I only go one or twice every few months or so. I have never had a great find there when I have looked though. So if they are goldmines then they are only to the people that live closer. Somtimes I have the best luck when me and my GF go to Disneyland every so often, Disneyland sometimes has some good finds as well as some of the TRU's on the way there, but again those too have been dry the last few times I have been through there. Speaking of Disneyland if any of my fellow AZ collectors need any of the Star Tours figures I will be sure to pick up some the next time I am over there.

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    I might have to take you up on that star tours offer. Just spread the word when your about to go down to disneyland. How long have you been collecting for? I myself pretty much got started with the release of the POTF line in 95. I have pretty much have every figure to this day. I do have my share of vintage figures also but definitly not that much. I have a couple of the vintage power of the force figures like imperial gunner, general lando, luke in stormtrooper and the jawa. I keep those tucked away. I grew up just when the star wars figures were vanashing from stores in or around 1985. So it was hard for me to get vintage but I made up for it with the newer figures. If you need anything maybe we can do some trades or what not.

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    I was 4 when Star Wars came out and had every figure from the first 2 movies when I was a kid. Don't know whatever happend to them all but I don't have any of them now. So it wasn't until the POTF2 line came out that I got back into collecting the figures.
    Right now I have about 412 carded figures. I don't have a whole lot of the new Saga figures, I was just not impressed with them when they came out. Plus there were soo many variations when they came out it just frustrated the hell out of me.

    I do have one carded vintage figure, an Obi-Wan Power of the Force figure. I have recently been focusing my attention on getting every Darth Vader figure. I have pretty much all the newer ones, its getting the vintage ones that will prove costly for me.

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    I'll continue to keep my eyes open if I see anything new. Found the Yoda lightsaber Saturday at a Target in Chino, Cali.
    The website

    The Wookie has no pants!

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    Was out in the West Valley yesterday and went to the Target in Goodyear. Didn't find any new figures there but they did have the new yoda lightsaber. They had 2 or 3 of them, I didn't pick one up though. Might go do some running around the valley this weekend to see if I can find anything.....not getting my hopes up though!!


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