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    No I don' think the employees are doing this, I have read other store reports from other states finding the same figures at Targets and having them smashed too. Also Wal-Mart always has smashed ones as well. I would guess that the fault lies in Hasbros packaging............wouldnt be the first thing they messed up, first we cant find anything then when we do they are all messed up...........go figure

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    I know, It's just so damn frustrating. I just don't know why hasbro is taking so long to ship the figures. I was thinking that maybe hasbro is just trying to stretch out what new items they have coming out because they still have till 2005 till episode 3 figures come out. So they probably figure we better ship items very slowly and in small quantities so we can kill time. Now they have the whole clone wars line coming out as well. Just to kill more time and burn more holes in our wallets.

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    I finally found something new and in good condition. I picked up the Yoda and Chian, Red battle droid, and the Blond head imperial officer variant. I picked them up at the target greatland off of tatum and the 101. I got there late so thats all they had. The other yoda and chian and the 2 ashla and jampas were gone.

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    That is cool man, If I wasnt unemployed I would be buying stuff!! If you want a hint as to when to go to Target to get stuff try monday mornings, my girlfriend just got a job on the overnight stocking shift and the last 2 sunday nights they have gotten new stuff in. She told me that there was alot of new ones on the pegs yesterday and they actually looked good. If I only had money I would have been there.

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    I just found Lama Su, Barriss Offee, and the blond head Imperial Officer variant at the Target on Dobson & Main. They also had a red battle droid (the card was badly damaged, so I left it), a Padme droid factory, and the research droids
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    I am shocked to have found even newer figures on the pegs! I picked up the new Jedi thrown room luke, Jedi throne room Darth Vader and the Battle of Hoth Snowtrooper. There on the all new card style. They are Sweeeeeet! I got all these at the Super walmart off of Union Hills and the 101. Stuff just seems to be popping up in strange places.

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    I found the Yoda/Chian & Aayla Secura at the Target on Arizona Ave. and Warner.
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    Hey its been a while since I posted any findings, although I have pretty much found every new figure that has come out. Thanx to my g/f working at Target.

    What I did want to share with my fellow Arizona collectors is this. Bookmans in Mesa has a TON of figures. I am not talking new Saga ones either. I am talking 20 or so pegs of Orange, Green w/ and w/o holograms, POTJ, Green Comm-Tech, Episode I, and some older Saga carded figures. All are in pretty good shape. There was only one figure that I needed but it was a gem of a find. I picked up a Comm-Tech Jawa with no holes in the feet. Prices ranged form $5 to $15. So if you need some troop builders or are missing figures in your collection its worth going to check out.

    I about had a heart attack when I saw all those figures hanging on the pegs. It was soo awesome to see the older figures on the pegs and not at some scalper comic store for 3 times as much.

    Let me know if any of you check it out and what ya pick up. Happy hunting!



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