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    Republic 51: Graveyard Moon

    Another great issue. We get introduced formally to Durge, and a bit more on the ARC trooper. This issue sets place on one of the moons of Naboo, with many dead gungans, check it out!
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    The issue begs for one question to be asked...

    Why was Jango used for the clone template - and not Durge in the first place?

    Did you notice the similarity in Durge's helmet and leg bracers with Darth Vader's?

    Could Durge be the source of some of Vader's apparel?

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    I was actually disappointed with this issue. I mean, the guy takes a saber to the chest and a blaster to the head and laughs it off? How are they going to off this guy before E3?

    And I'm beginning to fear the "Clone Wars" comics, toys, and cartoons will all be nothing more than "Anakin and Obi-Wan vs Durge and Asajj Ventress."

    Poor little Gungans.
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    Even though I have not yet read any Clone Wars era comics, I hear that the Smuggler's Flight Pack and Desert Sport Skiffs will be making appearances, plus a Glow-In-The-Dark Anakin with Grappling Hook Arm feature!

    If anyone was worried about how SW would continue after the films are all released can relax. It's all in good hands! Just say "How can Hasbro turn this into a Batman-style toy?" and multiply that idea by 3720!
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    EMpire # 7 was kinda lame, altho Boba Fett is THE MAN!!!....Star Wars:Republic #52 was wicked as hell!!

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    so, i'm behind a bit in my comics (hey, the playoffs are on). but personally they can't kill of Durge quick enough. it's one thing to be one with the force and difficult to hit with a blaster or quick with a parry of a lightsaber. it was like watching little kids play, "missed me" or " shot bounced off and hit you, you're dead now." come on, nobody is supposed to be invincible. even with as intimidating as he was maul got taken out pretty easily by obi.

    as for why durge wasn't the model of the clones instead of jango, you don't want an army that powerful. the goal is to drag the war out so palpy can weed out all the unbelievers and have time to hunt down the jedi. if you had an army of durge's they'd be invicible since neither blaster nor lightsaber nor poison gas seem to harm him. watch him get killed off by the common cold like in 'war of the worlds.'

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    The background on Durge better be pretty good.

    OK, he's 1000 years old, and he was "hibernating" all this time?

    I have some ideas:

    1) he was carbon frozen - a way for this technique to return to mind for Vader's generation (hence something Vader would think of, and Fett appreciate).

    2) Durge's misfortune had something to do with Jedi, Sith, and Mandalorians.

    PROBLEM: what became of the Mandalorians after Ulic Qel Droma's defeat? Most fell to the Beasts on Onderron's Dxun Moon, right? Mandalore himself was killed there.

    - the tomb there was where Freedon Nadd, King Omin, and other Dark Siders from that line were interned by Master Arca. The Jedi drove the ancient Mandalorians back to there, a place the Mandalorians knew of because of Exar Kun's journies there. They figured the Jedi wouldn't follow them into the Dxun Moon's dangerous ecology. Exar originally found the tomb there and opened it up, and then, 3,000 years later, Darth Bane would return there as stories and legends about Sith artifacts on Dxun resurfaced probably in the Empress Teta System, where Ulic had once ruled the Krath Faction, and they were then carried by the rising Sith army to the battlefields of Ruusan, until such time that only Bane escaped destruction there.

    When Darth Bane arrived on Dxun, were the Mandalorians gone?

    Did some escape?

    Did they fight for the Sith during the 100 Years' War during the last great war that tore apart the galaxy before the reformation of the Republic, (I guess the time that Sio Bibble spoke of)?

    How were they found by the Sith again? What were they doing before Lord Kaan's time?

    If the Mandalorians fought for the Sith, where was Durge during this battle? Could he have fought for Lord Hoth and felt betrayed by the Jedi? Was he already an enemy of the Mandalorians?

    When was he released? He had time to know that the Mandalorians made a comeback, had a schism with the Death Watch, and that a new recruit, Jango Fett, made it to the top of the ranks of those loyal to Jaster Mureel?

    Durge is much too old to be part of the Death Watch. He was around 1000 years before they ever existed.

    Does Durge hate the Clones because they are Clones of Jango (as a rival bounty hunter), or because Jango was of the Mandalorians?

    Does Mandalorian code still swear allegiance to the Sith's version of order (since the time of Ulic Qel Droma?)

    Where was Yoda during the time of the 100 Years' War? Wasn't Yoda born afterward? He wasn't around during Darth Bane's expected lifetime, but born afterward - and after Lord Hoth died, and the Jedi Order had to be reformed as well. (No Jedi "lords" and no multiple apprentices.)
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    tycho don't forget that there was carbon freezing in shadowhunter.

    i've read all the info you summarized above, but only in summary form myself. are any of those tales available in comic form? and a final question for ya, do we know that jango is a mandalorian and not simply wearing the armor ala jodo kast?

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    Yes, Jango is a Mandalorian Warrior. He was trained by Jaster Mureel.

    He took Jaster's armor, after Jaster died. He saved it as a monument to the man who saved his life when his farming family was killed on Concord Dawn by the Death Watch, a splinter faction of Mandalorians who turned to evil. (The traditional Mandalorians at that time were like a mercenary rescue squad, not assassins or soldiers-for-hire.)

    Jango had willed Jaster's armor (and legacy) to his son, hence why Boba wears that armor.

    Comic: Jango Fett: Open Season

    -also explains his history with Dooku.

    The previous Sith history was all layed out in comics: Tales of the Jedi comics to be precise.

    The Golden Age of the Sith
    The Fall of the Sith Empire
    Tales of the Jedi
    The Freedon Nadd Uprising
    Dark Lords of the Sith
    The Sith War

    read in that order.
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    thanx for the info tycho. now i got me some comics to hunt down since i only began reading them for info on the clone wars.


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