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    New R5-D4 petition

    Sign my friends! SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, I signed. (No big surprise, I know.)

    I secretly hope though that this petition is a worthless gesture as one is already planned --- but aside from vague rumours of Star Tours Wave III, which wouldn't even be movie accurate anyway, I have little reason to hold such optimism that that is indeed the case.

    So sign away, folks. Sign away!

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    I did one for the Sandcrawler a while back. Maybe we should change the Sandcrawler petition to ask a specific retailer to carry it. Supposedly Wal*Mart opted out, but maybe we can direct the petition to TRU. At least through them, it would be available at retail and
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    Not to mention globally possibly. No reason why a US oonly store should get these exclusives.
    Hasbro UK works slightly differently though and ships the exclusives in but not directly to TRU. TRU UK don't get TRU exclusives very often. They usually end up going to smaller specialist retailers but still shipped in via hasbro. An odd working practice if you ask me. Considering that hasbro UK sell their own products via a specific Hasbro webstore i fail to see why the exclusives can't also be sold that way if the other ships, deluxe, beasts and figures are. Just plain weird.

    Sorry to sidestep but you made me think so I thought I'd jot it down before I lost the thought. I have a feeling that both the sandcrawler and R5 will show up in the forseeable future. Hasbro knows which items we want and they definately know we want an R5 droid. I'm not that bothered if the star tours R5-DL is the one with tubular optic sensors or R5-D4 with three optic sensors. I just want a decently sculpted R5 unit. Both would be excellent.
    How about an R5-D4 / R1-G4 2-pack? That would be a cool set indeed. Or a box of droids from the crawler sale,
    Bantha the blue WED droid from mos Eisley,
    R5-A2 the orange astro droid,
    R4-E1 from the speeder lot,
    R2-A5 white with green markings Mos Eisley droid,
    R2-T2 red domed droid from Mos Eisley,
    A power droid with subtle modifications and markings,
    IM4-099 Imperial patrol droid,
    ASP worker droid reposed.

    Just a massive droids set, a big box of droids, No fancy packaging just a big box with a plain celophane window so's you can see a bit of what's inside but no fancy insert tray either, just the product in a box. But plenty of decent product for your buck. An army builder set of droids, or make it a couple of sets. A droid sale set and a Mos Eisley set. Knowing how I always buy a ton more droids than i need I'd be baying at the moon for these. An army of droids that wasn't battle droids. That's my dream that is. Sod the clonetroopers and stormtroopers and battle droids and droidekas. I want an army of odd looking droids, astro droids and worker droids. Can't run a spaceship with battle droids. Can't repair a shuttle craft with destroyer droids, Need astro droids and worker droids for things to run smoothly. Vote droid army sets for President!

    Droid sets. Sounds cool to me and I just thunk of it.

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    Awesome idead of "army builder set of droids"

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    Indeed. An awesome set like that would be greatly appreciated. A few years back, Galoob did a set of MM droids. They had most of what you mentioned on your list. Now if we could get Hasbro to give into our pleas.
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    (Front Row, L to R): Lin Demolitionmech Mining Droid, EG-6 Power Droid, R5-D4, R1-G4, Mouse Droid, Interrogation Droid
    (Row 2, L to R): B'omarr Monk, EV-9D9, WED-15 Treadwell
    (Back Row, L to R): 2-1B, 8D8, FX-7, CZ-OR6, IG-88, Death Star Droid 5D6-RA-7, 4-LOM
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    Droids are what make the SW universe go round. Well at least part of it. And an R5-D4 is long overdue.
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    Mark2D2 and I have been screaming for him for quite some time. Hopefully, we will at long last get a decent one, but I ain't holding my breath and I made one just in case.
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    Cool Customs!

    I modified my own R5-D4 by chopping off that hidious third leg.
    (Yep, he's just like R2-B1, but he looks much better . . .)
    And those God awful laser gun thingys on each leg, too.
    They each just HAD to go, too.


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