Ok, heres the deal. The only book I have EVER read was Tales Of Jabba's Palace, and LOVED it. But, I have no idea what happened after ROTJ! I have heard some things, although I'n not sure if they are all true.

1)Emperor is still alive? I heard he had clones of himself or something, that true?

2)God no........Chewy......dead..?

3)Leia is now a Jedi, and has kids with Han? How many, and whats their names?

4) Did luke marry Mara Jade? If so, do they have kids?

5)Whats going on with 3P0,R2,Ackbar,Mon Mothma,Wedge,Lando, or Madine?

6)Is there more Jedi besides Luke, Leia(?), and Mara Jade? I heard Luke started a Jedi Acadamy, is this true?

7) Are the old gang(LukeHan,Leia, ya know) part of the new Republic? If so, did they start it?

8)Does Luke still see Obi-Wan?

9)What role do the old gang play now? I mean, what do they do? I know Luke is a Jedi and all, but is the Empire still around to keep them busy, or...what?

Ok, the REEEEEEEEEEEASON I am asking so many questions is, I'm going to start reading all the new books and comics put out, and I will be soooo lost without your help.

So if you can think of ANYTHING else that you think might help me so I wont be so lost, please tell me Like, is there any new players, that might not be so new to you guys, but will be to me(since Jedi was the end of the saga for me)? I dont even know who Thrawn is.

Well, I know this is a huge favor, but thanks in advance for any help I might get.