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  • It looks awesome! TIE Fighters, Han Hoth, Vader Removeable Helmet, Jedi Luke...

    203 34.58%
  • Its too centered on the core characters. The cantina and Jabba's need more attention.

    229 39.01%
  • I don't like them repacking Leia, C-3PO, etc. There aren't enough new Classic figures.

    145 24.70%
  • I don't collect Classic Star Wars figures, I'm ready to get on with the Clone Wars!

    10 1.70%
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    Alright, I've said it a million times, but I only collect the 3 3/4" Original Trilogy figures. So, there has been quite a lull in my collection over the past year while Hasbro focused on ATOC. I like that there is an increased number of OT figures coming out this year. Since I have yet to see a new figure in person this year, I can't exactly I like or dislike the figures. The pics look ok. It is kind of like this: If you are starving and someone gives you a stale saltine cracker, it will be the best dang cracker you've had.

    Yes, I'm happy there are a good number Classic Trilogy figures coming out this year. I think the number of core characters is ok, but I wish there were more background characters coming out. 2004 looks good: Imperial Dignitary, Capt Antilles/General Dodonna, and the rest of the rumored figures.

    The army builder sets, re-painted figures, and the figures with new head sculpts are a great. I hope they keep them up.

    Wasn't there an Emperor figure coming out this year? The Tusken Raider could also be considered a Classic trilogy character, even though it says ATOC on the package.
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    Yeah, I forgot the Emperor figure coming out this year, dubbed Darth Sidious to lure collectors from both SW eras. (but has Force lightning like in ROTJ)

    Meanwhile, the Tusken Raider really holds a pose similar to the one that knocked down Luke in ANH, but could also be the one charging Anakin after the first two lost their heads. The campfire is definitely AOTC, but the pose is perfect for ANH. Nice job on that Tusken Hasbro!

    Anyway, Hasbro refreshes the line for new collectors, so kids who were first old enough to get into SW with Episode 2, (ages 4 & up) can get the Classic characters. (Their parents probably showed them the movies on video, and they might not be up to e-Bay or their prices, let alone know of other online solutions).

    That's why I think we're about up to 14 characters which will each usually see 1 release per year at the minimum:

    1) Han
    2) Luke
    3) Leia
    4) Chewie
    5) R2D2
    6) C-3PO
    7) Lando
    8) Darth Vader
    9) Anakin Skywalker
    10) Yoda
    11) Obi-Wan
    12) Qui-Gon
    13) Darth Maul
    14) Darth Tyranus / Count Dooku
    15) Padme Amidala
    16) JarJar Binks
    17) Jango Fett
    18) Boba Fett
    19) Mace Windu
    20) Darth Sidious / Palpatine

    However, they can refresh these characters nicely w.o. making resculpts, for the most part:

    1) Han - Bespin Torture Chair, Good 3-piece Carbon Freeze, NJO EU
    2) Luke - Medical Frigate from ESB, Jedi Master from NJO, EU
    3) Leia - Medical Frigate from ESB, Jedi Apprentice, Chief of State EU
    4) Chewie - Last Stand on Serindipal from NJO, or make other Wookies
    5) R2D2 - Endor damg, bartender, Yavin damaged, new lightsaber launch
    6) C-3PO - Episode 2 resculpt, ESB lower leg off.
    7) Lando - Corellian Smuggler from ESB, Nkllon Mining Baron from EU, NJO
    8) Darth Vader - Bespin blast deflect that was delayed
    9) Anakin Skywalker - E2 Jedi robe hanging relaxed like Vader's cloak.
    10) Yoda - ESB with 2 legs, AOTC with Force lightning deflect
    11) Obi-Wan - AOTC: wet (hood down), wet (hood up), wounded (HD), dry (hood dn)
    12) Qui-Gon - re-release with the Eopie for American markets
    13) Darth Maul - poseable hologram figure, like the D. Sidious holo.
    14) Darth Tyranus / Count Dooku - relaxed, normal pose, Clone Wars cmdr.
    15) Padme Amidala: 5 outfits from TPM, 11+ outfits from AOTC
    16) JarJar Binks: Padme's Apt / Palpatine's office; Senate resculpt
    17) Jango Fett: Apartment on Kamino, no armor.
    18) Boba Fett: Clone Wars, older Dan Logan EU; Sarlaac damaged, EU.
    19) Mace Windu: poseable hologram figure
    20) Darth Sidious / Palpatine: Soft-goods w. throne chair from ROTJ

    Not to say that I wouldn't want new characters, never made before, over most of these any day!

    Meanwhile, Army Builders will always be recycled:

    Space Troopers
    Dark Troopers
    Death Star Troopers
    Death Star Gunners
    Imperial Officers
    Rebel Fleet Troopers
    Hoth Rebel Soldiers
    Endor Rebel Soldiers
    Mon Calamari Soldiers
    TIE Pilots
    A-wing Pilots
    B-wing Pilots
    X-wing Pilots
    Y-wing Pilots
    Tusken Raiders
    Astromech Droids
    Protocal Droids
    Bespin Security Guards
    Cloud Car Pilots
    Niktos (green and red)
    Ewoks (hopefully different characters)
    Gungan Warriors (maybe different ranks, specialties like scouts, drummers)
    Naboo Security Guards
    Naboo Royal Guards
    Naboo Security Captains
    Handmaidens (different outfits, generic, save for Dorme, Corde)
    Destroyer Droids
    Super Battle Droids
    Geonosian Warriors
    Clone Troopers (out of armor, like the guys in red???)
    Clone Captains
    Clone Commanders
    Clone Pilots
    Clone Gunship Troopers
    ARC Troopers
    Clone Kids (more poseable, w. weapons and training equipment)
    Jedi (Whipid, Weequay, Barabel, female Devaronian, female Mon Calamarian)
    Senate Guards
    Emperor's Royal Guards

    - and I hope these are all continued to be forthcoming!
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    I don't mind resculpts if they truly make a large improvement over a previous attempt (ie. CommTech Stormtrooper). But by and large, I wish they'd spend more time creating the characters that we haven't seen yet. Once that task is done, then return to the resculpts or statues.

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    I like that they create new versions of the figures that have already made in a sense, because as time goes on they're able to do more intricate things and create better figures (for the most part, anyway). But since they claim that the figures that come out in years that they don't have a movie to boost sales are geared towards the collectors, shouldn't they be making more figures that haven't been made right now? It looks like this year is more of a rehashing of old figures to bring them up to date (R5D4, for the love of all that's good and holy!) and next year is the year we'll be seeing new characters. I'm with most people in wanting more EU stuff, having figures based on the characters and events that didn't take place in movies seem a bit more... substantial... If nothing outside the movies is cannon as they say, then what's the point of getting EU stuff? The things listed for suggestions about the 14 main characters sound pretty good to me, especially Fett's escape from the Sarlacc and the Yoda with 2 legs from ESB.

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    there will continue to be new collectors that will be re-packaged/re-issued figures. need to balance the re-re's with new characters that have not been made previously. '03, assuming the figures actually show up, is a little re-release heavy while '04 seems more tipped to the new character side of things.

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    Core characters? Resculpts? Yawn...

    I'll consider buying new figures when they are really new ones that I don't have already . . .

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    That said, troop-builders - especially of the Imperial variety - are more than welcome!

    It's funny, the only resculpt I might of considered - a cool Bounty Hunter set - is just going to be a 'repack'. Figures . . .
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    Well since its hard to find new figures in my country (Peru) and the only way i can get the hard-to-find ones are via Internet shopping i only get the real new ones or the ones wich the resculp is REALLY really an improvement.

    So if u ask me, make all the figures that where not made b4, and then u can go back to resculps. If u are like me, u might have 400+ figures and like to do dioramas and such for display, so if we got more never b4 seen figures itll be even better for the dioramas and it'll be more likely that people will want to buy them, im sure only 20% or less of collectors buy resculps or variations.

    btw troop builders are cool, but in the case of soldiers with faces (like the endor ones) a unique face for each one would be WAY better then just the same exact face 4 times. (unless of course they where clone troopers with removable helmet ones )
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    PEOPLE!!! DONT YOU GET IT??? It's really all about the damn playsets that never get made due to budgetary concerns over at hasbro...ENOUGH of the repackage rehash BS!!!! NO MORE MAULS!!!! No More of anyone that we have seen before...I swear, if I see a Han Solo (courting leia face) at r' us I'm really gonna be knotted up. GET HASBRO TO MAKE SOME MO cheappy but nicely done playset dioramas...ones that maybe even fit together!!!
    -STAR DESTROYER BRIDGE /w Admiral Needa
    -TANTIVE IV BOARDING BAY /w Stormtrooper
    -YAVIN WAR ROOM /w Dodonna or Com chick officer
    -HOTH ION CONTROL /w Hoth officer
    -YODA's HOVEL /w Luke (seated position?)
    ....okay scratch the last one...

    come on people...the list goes on and on, oh and as for that EXPANDED UNIVERSE BS?!?! Here's what we really need; IMPERIAL TORTURE CHAMBER with places to hang up and bleed your rebel figures dry of any necessary information that might aid in the crushing of their dire efforts to reclaim the galaxy!!!! Batteries not included.

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    So it is clear that we (mostly collectors on here, not kids) almost all agree that resculpts and repacks are not the most desired figures. Hasbro has a responsibility to new collectors, and kids who actually play with their toys (I was once one of them). I understand this, but I think Hasbro should understand mixing things up a bit. I think the worst example of NOT mixing it up is announcing 2 resculpts of the Jedi Luke at the same time. Including the ROTJ Jedi Luke I have about 9 of these already!

    Out of six Wal-Mart Cantina figures only one is a truely new figure. How many figures in the cantina never have been made? Give me a Gotal and I'll be happy.

    Hopefully the reintroduction of the cinema scenes will live long and prosper... they ARE being made to interconnect just as many of the newer deluxe figures are. Notice that Wedding Amidala has a base that looks to connect to another base (presumably secret ceremony Anakin).

    To add to the list of things that SHOULD be re-released... Han Tauntaun 3 3/4 inch... what a missed opportunity to pack-in the new Han Hoth sculpt (in both colors for that matter... I would have bought both).

    Oh well, I will continue to buy whenever I see these toys...

    One more thing... I am pushing for the idea that Palpatine and Sidious are NOT one and the same... I feel another "I am your father" type surprise coming for us in EIII. I want to see a Palpatine vs. Sidious duel in EIII!


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