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  • It looks awesome! TIE Fighters, Han Hoth, Vader Removeable Helmet, Jedi Luke...

    203 34.58%
  • Its too centered on the core characters. The cantina and Jabba's need more attention.

    229 39.01%
  • I don't like them repacking Leia, C-3PO, etc. There aren't enough new Classic figures.

    145 24.70%
  • I don't collect Classic Star Wars figures, I'm ready to get on with the Clone Wars!

    10 1.70%
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    I think the new classic series resculpts look IN-freaking-CREDIBLE.

    As far as other wings of the line, Clone Wars is not holding my interest whatsoever, I'd trade a finger to get a new figure of Grand Admiral Thrawn, based soley on how much the one we have now sucks, and for army builders, and I'm sure I'm gonna take some flak for it, I'd like to see Ewok multi packs. I liked the ewoks shut up. Least I didn't vote for Amanaman.

    Playsets would be awesome (DaGoBah!!), I've nowhere to put them, but it'd be really great to see some cool classic playsets come out. And as far as vehicles go I'm only waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a sandcrawler.

    But, getting back on topic, I think the classic resculpts look real top notch or "boss" as all the hip kids are saying nowadays. I almost fell over when I saw the new Emperor figure, a couple of "swank" royal guards with fabric cloaks would be cool too.

    Whatever happened to fabric on star wars figures? Always gave them a richer feel IMHO. Somebody call hasbro and find out whats the fudge on that.

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    I really want:

    from ANH:

    Biggs in Academy Uniform
    green R3 droid from Death Star
    RA-7 (supposedly w. sandcrawler)
    new Gonk Droid (different attachments)
    Red Leader / Garven Dreis
    Han Solo Ceremony with removeable medal of honor
    orange R5 droid from Mos Eisley

    Cantina Arcona / Hem Dazon
    Cantina Gotal / Feltipern Trevagg
    Cantina Anzati / Dannik Jerikko
    Cantina girls / Brea and Senni Tonnika (though Hasbro can't make 'em)
    Cantina Brainiac / Brainiac
    Cantina Advoze / Bom Vimdim
    Cantina Abyssin / Myo
    Cantina Givin / Elis Helrot
    Cantina Saurin / Hrchek Kal Fas
    Speeder buyer / Wioslea
    Cantina Brizzit / Tzizvvt

    From Empire Strikes Back:

    General Riekeen
    General Veers (with removeable Hoth battle gear)
    Imperial Navy Officer (gray uniform, variant heads)
    Torynn Farr (lady rebel at Ion Cannon control)
    Major Derlin (Hoth command)
    Hoth Rebel Soldier (Deck Officer)
    black Bespin Security Guard (possible caucasian head variant)
    Cloud Car Pilot (possible ethnic variants)
    New Ugnaughts (variants)
    Leia Medical Frigate
    Luke Medical Frigate with repairable hand
    Lando Corellian Smuggler

    From Return of the Jedi:

    Jabba's Palace Whipid: J'Quille
    Jabba's Palace Elom
    Jabba's Palace Guard: Sgt. Doallyn
    Jabba's Palace Green Nikto: Klaatu
    Jabba's Palace creep: Herme Odel
    Jabba's Palace dog: Bubo
    Jabba's Palace Ishi Tibb: Shasa Teil
    Jabba's Palace Dancer: Yarna dal Gargan
    Max Rebo Band frog: Rappertunie
    Max Rebo Band Weequay: Ak-Rev
    Max Rebo Band Klatoonian: Upas Stay
    Skiff Guard Weequay (new sculpt, new outfit)
    Skiff Guard Nikto (new Sculpt, new outfit)
    Skiff Guard human (with helmet, who shot Luke's hand)
    Skiff Guard human (black, from Jabba's throne room)
    Ewok Chief Chirpa
    Ewok resculpt: Paploo (carded, new sculpt)
    Ewok warrior: Romba
    Ewok warrior: Warrick
    Ewok warrior: Lumat
    Ewok warrior: with death's head
    Ewok mother: with wokling
    black Endor Rebel Soldier
    Lando General Resculpt
    Y-wing Pilot / Grey Leader
    B-wing Pilot / human, Gold Squadron (red uniform)

    and I think that about sums it up.

    Expanded Universe (Classic)

    Luke as Talon Karrde's Prisoner
    Luke Jedi Master
    Han New Jedi Order
    Leia Jedi Apprentice
    Leia New Republic Chief of State
    Leia New Republic refugee relief corps
    Lando Nkllon Mining Baron
    Lando Dubrillian Governor
    Chewbacca Last Stand on Serindipal
    Jaina Solo teen
    Jaina Solo dark Jedi
    Jaina Solo Rogue Squadron
    Lowbacca Wookiee Jedi
    Jacen Solo teen
    Jacen Solo Jedi Knight
    Anakin Solo teen
    Anakin Solo Jedi Knight
    Mara Jade Jedi Knight
    Mara Jade Jedi Master
    Kyp Durron teen
    Kyp Durron Jedi Master
    Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
    Yuuzhan Vong Shaper
    Yuuzhan Vong Shamed One
    Shadeo-Shai Yuuzhan Vong Commander
    Tsavong Lah Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster
    Nom Anor Yuuzhan Vong Spymaster
    Kir Kanos Royal Guard
    Kenix Kil (bounty hunter disguise of Kir Kanos)
    Mirrith Sinn (Rebel Leader)
    Carnor Jax (Royal Guard)
    Executer Sedriss (dark Jedi)
    Executer Nysst (dark Jedi)
    New Clone (Palpatine, Sith Lord)
    Talon Karrde
    Fynn Torve (Karrde's lieutenient)
    Aves (Karrde's Pilot)
    Ghent (Karrde's hacker)
    Shada D'Ukal (Karrde's bodyguard)
    Admiral Gilliard Pelleon (Imperial Starfleet Commander)
    Joruus C'Boath (insane clone of Jedi Master)
    Kirana Ti (Dathomirian Jedi Knight)
    Kam Solasar (human Jedi Knight)
    Corran Horn (CorSec agent)
    Corran Horn (Rogue Squadron)
    Corran Horn (Jedi Knight)
    Baron Soontir Fel (Imperial Officer)
    Baron Soontir Fel (TIE Pilot with the 181st)
    Jagged Fel (TIE-Clawcraft Pilot, with TwinSuns Squadron)
    Ysanne Isaard (Imperial Intelligence Director)
    Admiral Krennel (Imperial Fleet Command, with iron hand)
    Mirax Terrik-Horn (lady smuggler pilot)
    Saba Sebantyne (Barabel Jedi Knight)
    Cilghal (lady Mon Cal Jedi Master)
    Streen (human Jedi Master)
    Dorssk 82 (clone Jedi Knight)
    Tionne (lady Jedi Master)
    Tahiri Veila (teen girl Jedi Knight, Anakin Solo's girlfriend)
    Tenel Ka (one armed Dathomirian / Hapes Queen Jedi Knight)
    Zekk (former dark Jedi, bounty hunter, new Jedi Knight)
    Kenth Hammer (Jedi Master Military Commander)
    Borssk Fey'lya (Bothan Chief of State)
    Supreme Admiral Ackbar (New Republic Military Commander)

    -and geeze there's probably plenty I forgot!

    Do any of the Expanded Universe interest you? Who is really turned off or confused by the Classic EU list?
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    Yea they need to start wasting time in these resculps and focus on what non collectors want for what they WILL buy.
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    Originally posted by Tycho

    Cantina girls / Brea and Senni Tonnika (though Hasbro can't make 'em)
    What's the story on these shameless hussies again???

    Isn't it because they think they are hot stuff so to speak and wonderful actresses and they want some kind of unspeakable amount of money to allow LFL/Hasbro to make figures of them???? When really they're just a bunch of cold bugars on a paper plate!! I mean, has ANYONE ever seen these hussies anywhere else except in star wars for 3 seconds?? And can you imagine what they look like now?? They'd do themselves justice by immortalizing themselves in plastic as young spring buckettes...that way everyone will remember how they used to reminds me of the whole Betty Page story!

    Tycho, I want all the figs you want too Darn good list!
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    I think the new figures look great. I think the old figures look great. Hasbro has done a wonderful job with the line since the begining. They have had thier ups (EU Figures) and downs (Those darned "tech spec" pamphlets they included with the POJ figures) but over all, I appreciate the work and ever increasing attention to detail that Hasbro Provides. They do make thier share of mistakes... but I can live with them. Especially when there are no alternatives. All Figures will be released in the fullness of time.

    And as for you people who dont beleive in the Expanded Universe... You are all FOOLS! It wouldn't exists with out Lucas's Seal of Approval!

    So let's see some Rogue and Wraith Squadron Figures! And of course some Yuuzhan Vong!
    “That is not what the Empire would have done, Commander. What the Empire would have done was build a super colossal Yuuzhan Vong-killing battle machine. They would have called it the Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose. They would have spent billions of credits, employed thousands of contractors and subcontractors, and equipped it with the latest in death-dealing technology. And you know what would have happened? It wouldn’t have worked. They’d forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would drop a bomb down there and blow the whole thing up. Now that’s what the Empire would have done”
    - Han Solo to Commander Vana Dorja in “Destiny’s Way” by Walter Jon Williams

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    Newbie alert

    I've just registered though I've been visiting this site for quite a while now. It seems to be updated with new pics of figures etc far more often than the official Hasbro site which is good. This poll is what finally persuaded me to go to the bother of filling out the registration. I always prefer to find classic trilogy figures than prequel figures as the former are infinitely superior in my opinion. Anyway...

    I couldn't believe so many people here have almost exactly the same wishlists as I do ranging from the most obscure of obscure aliens, droids or imperial or rebel personnel to playsets and vehicles that hasbro wouldn't deem obvious choices. I'd like to add Chief Bast(" we've analysed their attack pattern sir and there is a danger") and Willard ("when we heard about alderaan we feared the worst")....and an authentic replica of the Millenium falcon cockpit in proper scale with the figures. I'm sure theres tonnes of others that aren't coming to mind right now.

    I am generally tired of seeing resculpted versions of core characters although I am surprised they still haven't bothered with Lando in Corellian gear at the end of ESB, the medical frigate Luke and Leia, and luke with Tatooine poncho. Some of the resculpts, not necessarily of core characters, like Bib fortuna which I saw listed are terribly needed. The '97 Fortuna was dire. R5-D4, as someone noted above is also badly in need of a reworking.

    the other thing I was interested to see was rumours of a new TIE fighter. I was surprised it wasn't redone back with the Power FX X-wing. The current version is decidedly lacking in accuracy.

    In summary, the figure list looks nice, i see a number of figures that should have been made by now anyway..what took so long with a General Madine update? And finally the Ewok armies are massing. Though I appreciate resculpts of previously crap figures I don't think we need any more Darth Vaders or Chewbaccas to name two since we now have plenty of decent versions of these. Theres no need for any more especially not if they're coming in place of previously unproduced characters.

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    More well done playsets would be nice. (See Clint's nice calm understated post. Which frankly, I very much agree with. )

    Of course I am in pins and needles about this SANDCRAWLER.

    An "all new" Escape Pod seems like a no brainer. (Think Sandcrawler accessory thing, like FX-7 was to the Bacta Tank) The very word "escape" is exciting enough to entice kids to buy it. It really is such a crucial vehicle to the OT. And it's totally small --- easy for Hasbro to do justice to.

    Bespin Cloud Car --- straight re-release with new paint is good enough for me.

    The remaining three "Sale of the Droids" figs would thrill me to no end.

    LIN-V8K (black dome mining droid)
    WED 15 "Septoid 2" (spider like droid with all the cool arms.)

    C'mon Hasbro! I need these for my Sandcrawler! (A recurring theme, I know, it's only my favorite OT sequence ever!) I see a new Screen Scene two pack. Maybe a Jawa or two to make is six figures? This would sell, Sell, SELL!

    The usual suspects from the Cantina. (2nd favorite Scene.)

    Hem Dazum (packed with Dice Ibegon!)
    The other Duro
    those Bossk like things.
    those horned goat like things? (you see two of them together...)
    Maybe even an "Improved" Cantina Band Member?
    Or even a POTJ quality Garindan?

    All of these would keep the money draining from my pocket quicker than R5 blew his motivator!
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    I voted for "Don't like the repacks", although I am also very happy w/ the selection of classic characters. I think they should limit new/repacked core characters to 1 of each per year, and that they should continue to produce more newer, never done fig's.

    I also think that it would be very feasible to see 1 to 2 EU characters every year (it's not a lot, but better than zero).

    I am looking forward to seeing all of it at retail.

    All the suggestions for new figs are great!
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    First, I would like to see the Vintage figures fulfilled as new resculpts, such as Gen. Madine, Dignitaries, Cloud Car Pilot, Chief Chirpa, eh, maybe the other Ewoks (not really that crucial). But definitely the first 4 I mentioned. Next, I wouldn't mind the resculpt of previous characters as long as they improved them. I would really like to see the bounty hunters w/ more articulation such as being able to hold and aim their weapons w/ both hands.
    Of course, a full-size Jabba the Hutt w/ throne dais and all accesories would make a great deluxe set. Next, I guess all new figures of the OT would be nice. I welcome any new or improved stuff Hasbro will unleash. Just be considerate about the distribution of the merchandise. That way, everyone can enjoy their figures.
    Gimme a break!!!

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    I'm tired of the classic characters!

    I agree with those who express their bordem with the upcoming "classic" lineup. I made it a policy a while ago not to purchase any figures I already had. I'm sick of seeing the same figures over and over again with slight variations (e.g., "He's got a new hat!"). Star Wars has such a vast universe, it's inexcusable not to tap into the many, many characters/creatures/droids that exist in these films. I don't care if they had 1 second of screen time. Jabba's court and the original creature cantina has tons of characters that have yet to see the light. As someone noted above, I have waaaaaay to many Lukes, for example. I can honestly say that I will never purchase another Luke. I don't care if he can do backflips or has a new wound drawn on him, I'm finished. Why would they not make the other characters? I don't buy the premise that little kids want only the core characters. When I was little, I wanted every damn figure they created! I remember how thrilled I was whenI first obtained Hammerhead and Greedo. I'll buy from the "classic" series when I see some original product.


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