Some really cool articles about Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and Zam Wessell with plenty of pics!

A nice New Jedi Order round up of all the Jedi (living and dead) in the new series. Including their first appearances and final appearances for some of the more obscure characters.

Shelly Shapiro talks about whats ahead in the New Jedi Order series (The New Republic disbands and that's the least of it...)

plus 21-B's last column (which is good because it was getting old fast) and Zuckuss' eyes were made of bubble wrap!!

And as always, RickMc blabbing away about how important he is to the trilogy. But again, more cool pics and talking about how G. Lu is already in preproduction on EP III, certain conceptual designs for sequences that George has in mind but hasn't written yet.

Pretty cool!