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    Official HASBRO repackaged survey

    Hey HASBRO,
    Can we get a list of possible candidates that you think NEED repackaging for the Saga line?

    Many folks have wishlists, but it would take days/weeks to compile the results from all of the figures that people are asking for.

    There are some no brainers:
    R2-D2 with Leia hologram
    Sio Bibble
    Pit Droids 2 pack
    Queen Amidala with acension gun

    but i'm sure there are some from '95-98 that people would love to get a hold of without resorting to eBay or overpriced collectable stores.

    I've heard/seen a lot mentioned from the "Freeze Frame" era like

    Vader removable helmet

    Give us a list of characters from each "wave", say 5 figures from each, and let us vote.

    POTF red/green card era
    POTF freeze frame era
    Shadows of the Empire
    POTF commtech era
    POTF Flashback era
    Episode 1 era

    I myself am lucky enough to have everything released up to this point, but I am not opposed to buying old figures in updated packaging.

    My votes:

    POTF red /green era: Garandin (Long Snoot)

    POTF Freeze Frame era: Zuckuss

    Shadows of the Empire: Leia (Boushh)

    POTF Commtech era: R2-D2 with Leia hologram

    POTF Flashback era: Aunt Beru

    Episode 1 era: Sio Bibble

    POTJ era: Biker Scout

    And keep shipping EPHANT MON!!!
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    I don't know how many threads like this are already somewhere here in the forums, but I'll gladly post my list again

    all I want are:
    Ishi Tib
    R2-D2 with holo Leia
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    The Toy Fair Silver Vader and Jorg Sacul...
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    I'll keep my list short:

    Commtech Leia, Han with Tauntaun, and clean Biker Scout.
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    For starters:

    Captain piett (resculpted straighter leggs and arms please)
    Death star gunner (added knee articulation would be a bonus)
    ASP-7 worker droid w/ IM4-099 patrol droid
    Clean Imperial scout trooper (added articulation would be nice)
    Death star trooper (resculpted straighter legs and arms please)
    Naboo royal guard (added articulation would be nice)
    Naboo royal security (blue uniform variant as well please)
    Gungan warrior from Fambaa (w/ farseein accessory please)
    Ishi Tib (grey costume color variant too please)
    Han Solo w/ Tauntaun (split belly and spilling guts please)
    Bantha w/ Tusken raider

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    There are many many that need it. Off the top of my head

    Sio Bibble
    Clean Biker Scout.
    Admiral Piett
    Weequay FF
    R2 w/ Holo Leia
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    For fans that missed them they should repackage:

    Sio Bibble
    Ephant Mon (if they don't keep shipping him)
    Bo Shek
    Darth Sideous Hologram

    Here's a fairy tale figures I think could use resculpting:

    Lobot (without disco pose)
    Han in Hoth (Sorry - the saga version reminds me of a hernia. Third time can be a charm)
    Dagobah Luke (although I like the first version, more detail would make this figure the must have with the right accessories)
    Corcuscant Guard (great figures, but when did they draw their rifles or have that stance during episode I. How about a sculpt that can let us put them at attention.)
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    Here's my top 5 list again:

    1. Darth Vader - MOTDS
    2. TC-14
    3. R2-B1
    4. POTJ Sandtrooper w/ orange pauldron (yes, I know there's a 4-pack)
    5. CTC Stormtrooper (yes, I know there's a 4-pack)

    Here's more:

    6. R2-R9 red astromech
    7. R2-D2 w/ Holographic Leia
    8. Boba Fett 300th (painted in ROTJ colours, if not done in the Ultimate Bounty 4-pack)
    9. Ishi Tib
    10. TIE Bomber pilot
    11. Paploo
    12. Clean Biker Scout
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    I want reissues of most POTF2 figures.

    Sure I don't need all the versions of luke and leia or vader, but the individual characters, like Beru, Tarkin, Thrawn, Bounty Hunters, ewoks etc

    I only got back into collecting with EpI, so there is a vast number of figures I really want, especially the jabba's palace figures etc

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    Awwww, come on, that was my 51st post.

    Don't tell me it's 100 to make Padawan??????


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