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    Question Dual light sabers

    Dual light sabers

    when did it become so stylish for characters to wield 2 light sabers? Until Anakin did it in Ep2 had never occured in the movies, unless you count Maul and his double bladed saber. Don't recall mention of this in any of the books i've read, although i haven't read any of NJO. Seems to be more the domain of the comics and moreso recently.

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    I kinda liked the idea of 2 sabers. It is not something you see everyday(or 3 years inthis case) Something different though. I thought Maul had the best Lightsaber of anyone yet.
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    The ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun had the first one, as far as I know. I think The Darth Maul Journal (a kids' book, but pretty cool nonetheless) makes a reference to Sidious requesting Maul create his saber in the same style to hearken back to the glory days of the Sith.
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    i guess i'd just always assumed that the mastery of the force necessary to effectively use a lightsaber for defense and combat precluded trying to operate one in either hand. or perhaps it is something only those on the dark side can make use of effectively.

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    Was Kevin J. Anderson the writer of those comics, Chuxter? Might be one of his best contributions to the SW universe.

    BTW, is it legal to duel with dual sabers? Do El Chuxter and I both moderate this section? When a Roman owes 50 denaris, is it written: due L?


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