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    I agree that ep1 12'ers did just seem to have a better qualty about them (especially Maul w/speeder). Wish I would have gotten in on the Obi's on clearance, I would've bought a bunch just for the cloaks alone (since Hasbro doesn't seem to include cloaks w/jedis anymore).

    Plus Ep1 had some really nice 6 inchers, really kinda stinks that they stopped doing those. I'm sure we'll end up having to pay $20 for Yoda (I'll bet they will include some extra accessory to take up box space...)

    Ep2 12'ers that I've bought: Dooku, Ultimate Jango, Ki-Adi Mundi ($5!), and Obi-Wan

    After opening the ep2 obi, I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised (except for the giraffe neck). He looks great with an extra cloak I got from a Qui-Gon figure. I'll probably get an Anakin too eventually.

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    JediTricks, what about Ki-Adi Mundi and Plo Koon? They are worth it, and I think it's awesome that Hasbro plans to do all the Jedi Masters (not that I'm holding my breath for this to actually happen, but good sources say SaeSee Tiin and Eeth Koth just might).
    They don't count in my book since they were in both Ep 1 and 2 and because they're exclusives of the craziest manner.
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    Some other good episode 1 12inchers are Boss Nass. I mean this thing is just one huge freakin figure. Also the Fan club 2 pack which later made its way to some factory 2u's of Qui Gon Jinn and padme. Those were some very detailed figures. Some other 12inchers which I thought were pretty good even though there not episode 1 affiliated are, Han in trooper disguise from power of the jedi and all the new 12 in bounty hunters.

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    Originally posted by JediBrian
    The TaunTaun and Speederbike 12 inch figures were sooo dumb. Talk about peg warmer. I think the Unleashed line is also junk. None of those figures capture the spirit of Star Wars.
    I miss the Epic Force line tho. Those were beautiful statues.
    What! 12" TaunTaun and Speeders dumb, come on you are just trying to get us all excited, Right? The 12" Han w/ Taun and Scout with Speeder sold like hotcakes here in CA and are awesome. The price is what's stopping the Luke 2 pack from selling. IMHO the epic Force figures suck. Now this wasn't a hate reply, so please don't take it that way As for the EP1 and EP2 12"ers, they all suck. Oh wait I do like my Maul and Speeder.
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    I agree turbo, the Epic Force figs do suck and even back in the day I was collecting all kinds of SW crap I stayed away from those POS's. The new Unleashed figs however are frikkin brilliant. I even considered just collecting the Unleashed figs, and no more 12", but I think I'm in too deep with my 12inchers to stop now.

    IMO the EP1 and 2 figs are much better than what we got with the POTF figs, with a few exceptions, but overall 'm pleased with the whole line.


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