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    Thumbs up Wave 3: R5-DL (R5-D4), SK-Z38, and G2-9T Revealed!!

    StarWars.Com finally posted pictures of the 3rd wave of Star Tours figures. They list the R5 Unit as R5-D4, but it's the second head, from the inside of the Sandcrawler. Not the three eyed one from the Jawa sale.
    Star Tours Collection III - March 25, 2003

    Last year, Hasbro Inc. and Disney partnered to make available exclusive action figures derived from the Star Tours attraction, the popular Star Wars-themed ride starring R2-D2 and C-3PO. The first two collections contained three figures each based on droids seen in and around the ride. Here's a look at the third collection, which will be available at Walt Disney WorldŽ Resort, DisneylandŽ Resort, and DisneylandŽ Resort Paris this year.
    This collection includes three droids, each sold separately.

    R5-D4 is a down-on-his luck astromech that is first seen in A New Hope with an explosively faulty motivator. While he has gotten away from the Jawas, the carbon scoring on his shell reveals he's still working a hard existence. This edition of R5-D4, true to its theme park incarnation, features a unique head design.

    SK-Z38 was originally one of the animatronic birds found in the Splash MountainŽ attraction. Its avian skin was removed, and the droid was retooled for use in Star Tours. Disney maintenance crews commonly refer to SK-Z38 as the "bird droid."

    G2-9T looks very similar to G2-4T, one of the droids from Collection I. This Collection III droid also started off as a Disney animatronic bird; it was originally one of the geese from the America Sings attraction. G2-9T has blue detailing, making him different from his gold-detailed G2-4T cousin.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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