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    25th Anniversary Han and Chewie

    I didn't see a thread yet on this so I started one.

    I think the new sculpting looks great, but I'm not too sure on the action pose. Along with the other two 2-packs, these figures seem to be display only, as I didn't see any knee or elbow articulation. So they're stuck in that crouchin/attacking pose.

    Oh well, I think this is the best looking of the 3 so far.
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    yeah, but did you check out the super8 mpeg movie showcasing them at the official Hasbro site? man that is amatuer! Someones hand showed up turning the figures around. Oh how I laughed that a company so large has such a poor website.

    Anyway, the figures are nicely sculpted if limited as far as figure collectors who like to play with their toys go. As far as 'adult' collectors who put things in museum cases to just stare at go these must be wonderful. But surely something in porcelain would be more appropriate for that kind of collector? Chewie still looks like he's taking a dump though no matter which angle you look at him. and Han looks like he's surfing. from the mpeg it looks like being the best harrison Ford looking head sculpt though. And Chewie's bowcaster is really well done apart from the strap which should hang differently if he's aiming upwards but never mind. I'll probably never see these anyway so it really doesn't matter what they look like or even that they exist.

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    As cool as all four of these boogers look I think these will be the first toys I will never open. I think of these more of A statue type fig insted of an "action figure"...
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    Han and Chewie will definitely be the highlight of this mini-line. It doesn't even look like they tried with Luke and Leia.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have seen the packaged version of Luke and Leia showcased on this very site MONTHS ago, it is painfully obvious these are display pieces. Each is meant to be an action figure "movie still" as it were. You don't see the finished product in these latest samples, complete with what looked like molded backgrounds (at least for Luke/Leia), however with these new samples, I'm betting the molded backdrops have given way to printed cardboard, which stinks. The ironic thing is, if Hasbro put out figures of ANH versions of Han, Chewie, Ben, Vader, Luke, and Leia on individual cards with more articulation, everone would complain about that! "Just another resculpt!" you'd say!
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    I noticed that hand in the video too, very shoddy work.

    What is gonna happen when you try to change these poses?!? I'm interested in these, but it seems like Hasbro has gone way heavy handed with these. Another thing that bothers me is that once again, Hasbro's overdoing the "strand" style hair so it looks like a big blob of mud on their heads instead of hair (DSE Han and Luke are like this).
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    Originally posted by JediCole
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have seen the packaged version of Luke and Leia showcased on this very site MONTHS ago
    Remember that was only a prototype package and not the final product,I don't I'll be getting any of the sets,Stores here will charge about $40 each one(they've done it before) so I'm not buying them at that price,Han and Chewie are the best of the 3 sets seen so far(hopefully Hasbro wont let us down with the Vader vs Obi-Wan set!)
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