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    Plan B's Special Forces Figures...

    In a few past issues of Toyfare, I've seen pictures of these and I thought they looked really good. I'm wanting to get the sets that have been released (even though one is a Gamestop exclusive that hasn't been released yet - glad I can get it online), but I can't seem to find anyone selling the first set. Best I've seen on the whole second set is $50 plus shipping.

    So, first, does anyone have any of these? If anyone does, what are they like; what's the quality?

    And second, does anyone know where the first sets can be found? I haven't really looked at Toy Works or Wal*Mart but I don't really think they'd be there anyway. And I have checked Ebay, but the only set on there is the second for $60 plus shipping.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'e seen the second set. I got a really good look at them at Gamestop I believe. Anyways, they are about as good as Series 1. Plan B used the same basic bodys and heads and repainted them. Good work but not a whole lot of imagination.
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