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    What is your favorite Sitcom or Comedy Show?

    With all the depressing War stuff on TV, I find myself seeking out some comedies for comic relief from reality. So what is, or was, your favorite sitcom?

    I still think Seinfield is my all time favorite. I can tune into it and laugh every time, and Iíve seen them all a million times. Every time I watch it Iím like ďCool, this is a good episodeĒ, Well they are all good. I donít think Iíve ever said, ďAwe, this episode isnít that greatĒ (Note!- Iíve never seen the final episode again on re-runs). Itís a show that can cheer you up anytime.

    After that would have to be the Simpsons (if thatís considered a sitcom). I canít believe they have had 300 episodes already. I can still remember when they were on the Tracy Ulman show, and I bet many of younger BBF members cannot remember a time when Simpsons was not on the air. Some of you might not have even been born when it started! Crap, now I feel old and am more depressed when I started this threadÖ


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    To get my mind off the war, I like to watch Mash.
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    Seinfeld is definietly my favorite sitcom, hands down.

    I do watch The Simpsons every night before Seinfeld, and finish my night with a few episodes of The Cosby Show. I always enjoyed Bill Cosby.
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    THe Shield, man that show cracks me up!
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    Crank Yankers is what keeps me happy on Tuesday's night. And Chappelle Show. Dave is just too damn funny.
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    The Simpsons. The only show I go out of my way to watch.
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    Seems to be the same story with me too.

    Will & Grace
    King of the Hill
    South Park

    I love all of these in that order. My local net works run some of the re-runs twice a day. So, that is pretty cool!
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    1. M*A*S*H - I'm watching it now

    I don't know why, but that show really just takes me "away" I like the mix of seriousness, flirting and comedy! That show is a true classic

    2. Simpsons - no need to mention why, I'm sure we all know!

    3. Roseanne - although I don't particularly agree with all she's done in real life, her show was pure comic genius!
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    That 70's Show
    Good comedy ain't never hurt noone
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