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    Ewok song vs. Victory Celebration:SE

    Though I enjoy the added elements of the celebration from the SE., I still prefer the Ewok's yubnub song.

    Any thoughts?
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    I actually prefer the Special Edition celebration. I think it gives more depth and emotion to the scene and the end of the Empire .

    I still love the Yub Yub aswell though .

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    hmmmmmmm...I enjoy the new one as pendo says, it does add depth, and you can "feel" the music more too, but I'm going to say I like the yubnub better because, well, it says YUBNUB. No where on earth would you hear those words uttered together than the orginal OT!

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    I prefer the S.E., it's more grand and makes it feel like the Emperor's death had an effect on the galaxy. Instead of just being a small party on Endor, and everything continuing as usual on the other planets. But the Yub-Nub song is good too.

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    I agree. I love the Yubnub song. While I ocassionally watch the entire special edition of ANH and ESB, I refuse to watch the entire special edition of ROTJ because they removed the Yubnub song. I always eject the tape and put in my copy of the original version just for the Yubnub part.

    There must be some way that they could incorporate the Yubnub song into the end of ROTJ special edition while still leaving the Victory Celebration music.
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    My opinion on this is the original, you can read why in the thread about Jedi Rocks vs Lapti Nek here:
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    I like both. It's SE vs classic, and I like the way Lucas decided to re-do it. By the way, is it Palpatine's statue that falls over at the end of ROTJ?? Thanks!
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    After seeing the OT for the first time the Ewok ending was a fitting finale. After watching the Prequals unfold the SE Celebration makes more sense and does a much better job wrapping up the saga in my opinion. After slugging through 6 movies, battling evil and the dark side, some furry creatures on a planets moon singing just doesn't seem to cut it.
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    Ya know, I don't even own a copy of the SE. Go figure.
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    I like the original, but like most of you feel the SE was more grand, and to me added more to the SW universe.

    BTW, I always thought that was Palpy's statue falling over.


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