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    Cool CROW - What do you like to do with it?

    I like to watch people eat it!

    Down the hatch...mmm mmm GOOD!
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    I dip it. Then I pluck it. Then I beat it 'til it's tender. Then I roast it for 45 minutes with some Zatarans red beans and rice. Then I cover it with a light glaze of Pineapple and syrup.

    Believe it or not, it's still hard to choke down.
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    I like to sic my cat on them. Theones in front of my house are huge. I have never seen a crow as big as these until I moved to Virginia. I also like to throw rocks at these things. Don't hit them, just scare them.
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    Anybody got some Alkaseltzer....I won't say why...I'm just asking.
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    I like to wear them close to my sensitive places. tied on with string and cheese. then i go dancing in town.

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    I used to like to watch him fight with Tom Servo.

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    I like to use crowbars for breaking into people's houses.

    In fact, I'm typing on a stranger's computer right now.

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    Get out of my house damn you Caesar! And that's MY bathrobe. And I hope you're going to brush those toast crumbs off the bed....... You used my shower cap too!!!!!! dammit this restraining order isn't working. Time to call in - the A team....

    Crow, lightly buttered and sautÚd, served with a medley of seasonal vegetables cooked al dente and julienne style. Washed down with a fruity Chardonnay. Just the ticket for that amorous supper with the one you hope to bag for the night.


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