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    Question Favorite Words???

    What are some of your favorite words whether you use them or wish you could use them???

    um...B A D words don't count!!!



    Hussie (shameless)


    haricot vert

    err...deoxyribonucleic acid

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    Jerkstik is a good clean one that comes to mind
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    Water. Water is awesome. And beard, too. Beard, awesome. Bed. Banana. Schnitzel. Grapes. Chair. Fell (As an adjective, not a verb.). Cushion. Pretzel. Loofah. Magus. Tree. Shrubbery. Cross. Horns. Seeing Stones. Feces. Bong. Corpse. Carcass. Cadaver. Dead body. Stiff (Noun, not adjective.) Sausages. Dead. Fats. Wyrms. Tongue. Sludges. Fumes. Spire. Leaves. Paper. Pulp. Waxes. Blaun. Tendons. Pipes. Villi. Sack. Plants. Peppers. Crown. Flies. Wasps. Toxins. Stick. Sarcophagus. Poke. Plug. Bomb. Tuskens.

    ...If I think of any else, you'll know.
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    Billabong. hound. bucket. jelly. fish. teaspoon.

    there are many more but I'm too tired to think.

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    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Excoriate. When someone ****es me off, I positively excoriate them. Excoriate.
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    Excoriate IS a great word. I saw "excoriating" used on today. Did you Fulit?
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    My first word as a baby was a bad word and is subsequently my favorite ... I was raised by hippies that thought it was funny.


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