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    Why are the new 2003 figures IMPOSSIBLE to find?

    I'm aware there's scalpers and all, yes, but I can't imagine someone wants to scalp yet ANOTHER Obi Wan.

    I've found a grand total of THREE 2003 figs so far, and it's disheartening, after seeing how fast Hasbro can get GI Joe and Transformers on the shelf. All I've seen are Obi Wan, Padme, and the new Tusken Raider.

    Does anyone else have this problem?? I've got three Wal-Mart's, three TRU's, three Targets, and about 4 Kmarts all in a 30 minute radius from here. The only place I've EVER found the three figs listed above is with Target.

    I just want to make sure it's not just me having this problem, but it really is a Hasbro problem. The fact they get GI Joe's out there so fast, yet nothing new in SW, kinda ****es me off.

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    i'm still waiting for the last wave of 2002 figures to show.

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    Distribution mostly, and scalpers getting back into the game. The distribution has been sucking since '99, and every year it gets worse.
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    Well, as of today I have found..

    SC Anakin
    Factory Padme
    Acklay Ben

    So, I need Lamu Su and the two Jedi. So I guess its 3 here thats hard to find..
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    Originally posted by Darth Jax
    i'm still waiting for the last wave of 2002 figures to show.
    Me too. I haven't even found a new figure since before Christmas...
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    Last night at a new Target i seen Anakin with his Speeder bike. It was the first new figure ive seen in quite some time. I almost bought him just to get a new figure but i wasnt too crazy about it to begin with so i skipped on him. I have a feeling though that its going to be a while more before i see a new figures again. We still have tons of figures keeping those pegs warm.
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    The distribution has been sucking since '99, and every year it gets worse.
    I have to disagree, there was only 1 wave of POTJ I ever had a hard time finding at retail, Queen Amidala Theed wave. Everything else showed up pretty well.

    I think it's just a matter of time and patients. Stores are reducing their Star Wars stock in a post movie year, and things are always slow after the new year.

    Besides, I moderate the Just Found section and there have been a lot of reports of the new stuff starting to show up, some have even had really good luck finding Ephant Mon.
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    Yeah, i got tired of distribution and wasting hours upon hours hunting around Columbus, so i just joined KEBco. Got all the figures since, no problems with disturibution.
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    I've only got:
    *Obi-Wan (Wal-Mart)
    *Darth Tyranus (Wal-Mart)
    *Tusken Raider (Wal-Mart - not my close one)
    *Mace Windu (Yestertoys)
    *Rebel Trooper (kind of 2003 - Wal-Mart - not my close one)
    As you can see, not terrible, but not great. My Wal-Mart still gets in boxes of Pilot Clones, Hangar Anakins, and Destroyers, but those are gone within a week (I have them already, of course). So, people are still buying, and Wal-Mart is still stocking, but al the Palpatines, Pilot Padmes and Dexter Jettsters are still there.
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    I don't see why scalpers would even bother, since the main market dosen't seem to be there anymore.

    You'd think they'd have their hands full getting the new He-Man toys, rather than an Obi Wan or a Padme.

    And THAT'S what gets me. Aren't scalpers into the rarer, or more popular toys? I could imagine Ephant Mon being snatched up, but Obi Wan w/ spear throwing action? Most people wouldn't buy that for 4.99, let alone 8 or 10 dollars.

    Hasbro really makes me angry at times, like I said the GI Joe figs get such good distrubution, I've NEVER had problems finding any wave or figure. I wish they'd put that kind of effort into all their lines.


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