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Thread: I want em!

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    If you want to spend a lot you can order one from Brian's Toys. Although it is worth the money.

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    Brian's Toys is usually pretty good about trades, especially if you live overseas and can get ahold of stuff that doesn't ship to the U.S.

    Hence, the $30 Optimus Primes I bought in Korea and sold to BT's for $250 each!
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    I have a memory of walking through a K-Mart that had a display of Imperial Shuttles, probably 6-8 of them. Don't recall the price; don't want to know. I don't regret not buying it because I know I couldn't have afforded it back then. Sigh...

    My remaining wish list of Vintage stuff is:
    Vinyl Jawa
    Belly-open Tauntaun
    Desert Sail Skiff Minirig
    ROJ vinyl carry case

    I fail to recall the others.
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    Unhappy CANT!

    I am 16, no job and my parents aren't rich snobs, so.......I can't pay that price for Brian's Toys! I wish I could find one at a garage sale or something. I did buy a vintage cloud car from my mom's friend for $5 a while ago. That was cool.
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    I just started collecting vintage stuff not too long ago and quickly realized it's a very expensive hobby. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble across an old lady's garage sale who's selling all her son's vintage SW collection. (Yeah, and maybe Lucas will stop giving stupid names to prequel movies.)

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    Ahh the vintage line...i missed Jak Face, Anakin Skywalker and some ships and playsets...but i still find some interesting stuff in stores from time to time. (Last time was Hoth Han!!! )
    As always...........L


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