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    Where can I order cases?

    Besides I dont have a card, and need to pay by money order). I have a gut feeling the Jedi youngling wave will be tough as all get out to find, and its one I REALLY WANT.

    Any ideas?
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    Not to go pluging any sponsors, but I hear that the KEBco one of every figure club is top notch. Though I am not a member and I'm not sure what their payment methods are, still, it's worth looking into.

    Though from the posts I've read, you shouldn't have any trouble finding figures.
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    I think you can pay thru the mail w/ KEBco, check them out.

    Also, check your local comic book stores. My local store has gotten a hold of cases for me in the past (12"). They charged me retail for the case, not some jacked up secondary price.

    The only reason I'm not buying by the case now is b/c of the case pack though. I don't want dupes of pegwarmers that I already have. I think I got a case of POTJ figs from them too, which was cool since there were 3 of each four figs in the box, I just took the extras to TRU or WM and returned them.
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    you can order from EE with money orders. just contact their customer service department.

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    ohhhhhhhh, you can???? Thanks Darth Jax! Yeah I might not even need to order this set since I work at wally world, but these 12 figures I just cant miss!

    If I dont, I just know this summer I'll be telling myself "You could have them RIGHT NOW if only you ordered them ya *****). I aint takin nooooo chances.
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    Yeah EE takes MO's. Hey Amy, I thought you were going to buy everything from good old Brian?
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    Originally posted by turbowars
    Yeah EE takes MO's. Hey Amy, I thought you were going to buy everything from good old Brian?
    There new stuff, not a chance. My entire collection up to the saga line, you darn betcha. I just got my first order from the yesterday, and could not be happier.
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    Are you going to post pictures of youre collection in the "Members collection" area? I love seeing pictures of other collectors collections.
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    I dont think you understand, or I worded it wrong. I buy them up to the saga line, as in the saga line is where I stop. I buy figures from Brian for around $2-$5 each.
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    bobafrett-This sounds strange, but I have not even been to the members collection yet . Sure, I'll show my VERY small collection tomarrow night I have only around 100 figures.
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