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  • The original releases, as first shown in theaters

    171 12.02%
  • The final refinement of the special editions for DVD in 2006

    239 16.80%
  • Both

    1,007 70.77%
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    With the way they are able to put one version on one side of the DVD and another version on the other side (a la Ghostbusters), there is no reason (other than money) that we can not have both versions of each of the three movies on a three DVD set. And I am getting kind of tired of the extra DVDs with the behind-the-scenes stuff on them being packaged with the movies. I like them but I want to buy them in a separate package of their own.

    And I don't see why ANYONE would think it is alright to have the deleted scenes on a separate disk...PUT THEM (at least as many as possible) BACK INTO THE MOVIE.
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    I'd like all versions possible. After that, I want to use the emerging digital editing technology to cut together my own "Viewer's Definitive Edition" of the Saga, keeping the good stuff and sloughing off the bad. For the most part, the newer FX have been a great enhancement for the films (ie, the XWing advance on the Death Star), but at times, additions, both Special Effects and Story have been distracting or outright contradictory (ie. Jabba at Docking Bay 94, Qui Gon Jinn). With as much "footage" available as possible, the Star Wars Saga can achieve it's full entertainment potential.

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    yep, both versions for me too, easy to do, like they did with the E.T. Dvd or as Darth Cruel mentioned one version on one side another on the other side.

    the problem is getting GL over his embarrassment of the Originals, almost a contempt for them, so that they will be available on dvd.

    I already have nightmares of what he will do to the special edition dvd releases of the orginals . . . like they might not even be the same films!
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    I would say there should have been an "all three" category...

    I want the original release - who doesn't - regardless of what GL thinks they own a spot in SW history.

    I want the original special edition. I had no problems with it - and felt that there were few "major" modifications.

    Finally, I believe that there is going to be a special special edition following EPIII. More added footage etc.

    The real fear will be whether he scraps all previous versions in favor of the last.

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    Originally posted by aceguide
    The real fear will be whether he scraps all previous versions in favor of the last.
    Count on it.

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    I put in a vote for both. While I liked some of the extra improvements to the OT, growing up a Star Wars fan, I saw it as it originally was, and I loved it before they added in all the CGI stuff. The SE version I liked mostly the scene improvements, such as making Mos Eisley a bigger looking spaceport and the Bantha's as Luke and Han are being taken to their date with death by Jabba.
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    Funny thing, I was on ebay and bought some jewel cases that came with free copies of the trilogy on dvd. I was lucky enough to find both versions too. Was it cheap for both? No. Was it worth? Oh yeah. And if Mr. Lucas had released the trilogy on dvd I wouldn't have had to go to such extremes as purchasing jewel cases that come with free copies of the trilogy on dvd.

    I will of course wind up buying whatever collosal box set is released in 2006.

    So otherwise I feel fairly indifferent about it right now.

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    I seriously don't want to have to change discs in the DVD player while watching one movie.

    I plan on finding a 6-disc DVD player (don't they make them? I only see 5 disc out there) and almost never unloading it: my shrine and throne for the entire 6 movie saga!

    I like the idea of double-sided discs, versus 4 discs, or even 2, for original and refined special editions. Of course one would have to watch WHAT they are putting face-up in their players, but you could make the same mistake with the 4 disc set and see Greedo shoot first, and Biggs NOT make an appearance in the hanger on Yavin (*but most of us would prefer just the opposite).

    The concept of a scene programmable DVD playback, from the split disc sets, to give you the special edition or the original edition is great. I've begged for that many times before.

    But we're talking about only 3 minutes to 6 minutes of added footage in the special edition - it really can be all on the same disc, on the same side.

    You'd use a chapter-skip function. For example if the Greedo Confrontation is Ch 23, you'd have Ch23A and Ch23B with CH24 being Blasting Out of Mos Eisley.

    Simply program your darn DVD player, OR watch Han kill Greedo in cold blood, only to have the Rodian Bounty Hunter come back 1 second later, this time learning to shoot first

    In otherwords, program your tracks you want to play just like how anyone who gets a "Best Hits of the '80's" programs all the tracks but Michael Jackson's to play back, and then watch your movie.

    2 CD's are not needed. You just might be deleting 9-10 Chapters of a 50 chapter movie disc, versus what? A 42 Chapter movie disc?

    You could fit it all together and put the deleted scenes on an extra disc.


    Biggs with Luke on Tatooine is a seriously cool scene, but it doesn't belong in the movie, not without changing it anyway.

    The original movie was going to open up with Luke tuning a moisture vaporator with Treadwell, when he breaks down, and Luke notices the flashes of light in the sky (which even given the size of a SD, it'd be hard to make out during the daytime - especially on a planet with 2 suns).

    He then rushes to Anchorhead to tell his friends that a battle is going on. We then cut to the blockade runner battle.

    It changes the tempo of the Classic films - always opening up with a SD - and it changes the mood.

    You go from E3, where it's really dark and the bad guys are kicking butt, to a farm kid and some hope or interest in a new young hero - before you see things are still dark (like when Captain Antilles offers his last breath of resistance to the Dark Lord!)

    I think I'm glad they shot the Anchorhead stuff, but it can stay out of the film cut, itself.

    Jabba in Docking Bay 94 was a whole 'nother thing. That was great to add back in, because by that time, the character of Han Solo had already been established, and Greedo had spoken of Jabba before he died.

    Bail Organa would not be a good thing perhaps, because your sympathy should be with Leia, remembering him, like she was, not looking right at him and another "ooh - there's ILM proving they can rip a planet apart - even with surface shots." We saw that done well in Star Trek: Generations. I think ILM did with Star Trek what they had wished they could do with Alderaan. Too bad it wasn't a great Star Trek movie. (in the likes of "First Contact" I meant)

    Anyway, I've offered a bit more to discuss.
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    1997 Special Edition
    2006 Suped up Edition

    I want them all !

    But I want them released in separate sets, one boxed set per trilogy.

    What's this talk about double-sided DVDs? BAD IDEA . . . I'd rather pull out all of my teeth.

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    I voted for both. the original is a must have just the way we all remember it from the movies. It is part of most of our childhoods and should remain that way.

    The new versions are cool with all the added footage and effects. But they just can not beat the originals
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