View Poll Results: What version of the Classic Trilogy would you buy on DVD?

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  • The original releases, as first shown in theaters

    171 12.02%
  • The final refinement of the special editions for DVD in 2006

    239 16.80%
  • Both

    1,007 70.77%
  • Neither: I don't want the DVDs.

    6 0.42%
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    I picked both, and as much as I would LUUUUUVVVV to have the OT (original) on DVD, even if GL decides not to I'm glad I still have the LD's for both.

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    Bring on Both, that would be awesome. But we probably won't see that happen. I like the Special Edition better, but the Original is far from an embarrassment. I hope the trilogies will be available in a 3 pack, or 6 pack, so fans can choose to buy whichever is necessary, instead of making us buy episodes 1, 2, and 3 twice.
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    I'd like a DVD w/ all 3 versions as well.

    I would even buy one version now and another boxed or anthology edition later once all teh films are released.
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    I think some of us are getting way off track trying to determine which type of DVD we want. The poll asks what version of the movies we want on DVD. I voted for both, or all three if it comes to that. Heck, I bought the OT on VHS twice because the second release was supposed to have improved sound and picture...

    I think this poll may actually be helpful, but I really doubt the DVD designers are going to listen to us when we say how they should be arranged on the disks. Shoot, if you can't figure out what side to face up, or that you need to place disk one in before disk two then there are some problems. No reason to have any of the movies split onto two disks... none of them are that long.

    Tycho mentioned a six-disk shrine! I like this idea... they should have all the disks pre-loaded in the six disk player and have the actual player in the shape of the Falcon and sell it in a seriously decked out package maybe even with an exclusive figure. Damn that would be cool!

    Ok, so that won't happen... at least we can hope Lucas and company let us have all versions of all films on DVD.

    If more revamps are in order I say fix

    - Bib Fortuna in TPM (I swore it was a different Twilek)
    - Jabba... EI he's bigger than in EIV SE, and EVI the puppet version is just the best
    - cross-eyed yoda in EI (EII was good... looked more like he did in Empire)
    - Black lines around the Rancor... come on already!
    - I'm sure there are more, but that will do for now...
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    Does Lucas really want the OT to disappear?

    Has Lucas said that he wants the OT to disappear? What's the deal?

    I completely understand his excitement at updating the old films and tweaking his six-piece serial at the end so it all fits together they way he wants it.

    But he can do that without banishing the OT at the same time. Does he have no pride in what he accomplished all the way back in 1977?

    ANH is a seminal work in the history of filmmaking and sci fi. But when people look back at the film, isn't part of it to see just what he was able to accomplish in what is fast becoming the stone age of special effects?

    Yeah, from a fan perspective, I also am excited to see his vision redefined come 2006. But at other times, I want to be able to go back and marvel at what he did way back in 1977.

    VHS tapes will be soon be long gone, and while digital formats will keep changing rapidly too, at least DVD discs have like an extremely long shelf-life.

    C'mon George, put it all on digital format for posterity and let fans, film students and whoever else decide in the future what they want to see.

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    I'm an old fart...49 years to be I still have the orig. laserdisc trilogy before special editions even came out. I would like both versions, too. They just did this with why not Star Wars???! Thank God my 1985 Pioneer laserdisc player still works like the day I bought it!
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    Oh jonthejedi you're a very lucky guy..........those are relics !
    I wish I have a rip of those lovely laserdiscs !
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    I voted "BOTH".

    I hear the non-SE Laserdiscs have some incredible commentaries and other features, that's the type of stuff I'd like to see on DVD. I believe just transferring them to DVD would be a good thing, though their image quality isn't up to DVD.

    I'd like a superbit version of the originals and whatever new modifications Lucas has in mind for the future, but not of the '97 SEs simply because some of the digital work doesn't hold up in clean viewings.

    Ultimately, the Special Edition project was initially to save the classic trilogy from being destroyed, but if Lucas doesn't release the originals in some sort of high-quality popular home medium that won't degrade over time then the CT will have been lost just as he initially feared.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    but if Lucas doesn't release the originals in some sort of high-quality popular home medium that won't degrade over time then the CT will have been lost just as he initially feared.
    Hey, GOOD POINT, seriously! The whole hubbub of the SE was partially to save the OT from never-neverland anyway!
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    They should release the whole shabang all versions, all featurettes, deleted scenes. If this is GL's last SW project he should go out NOT holding back.
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