View Poll Results: What version of the Classic Trilogy would you buy on DVD?

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  • The original releases, as first shown in theaters

    171 12.02%
  • The final refinement of the special editions for DVD in 2006

    239 16.80%
  • Both

    1,007 70.77%
  • Neither: I don't want the DVDs.

    6 0.42%
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    I'd vote if there was a "Don't care either way." option.
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    Originally posted by kadamontaga
    I'd vote if there was a "Don't care either way." option.
    That would be the same as "both" because that means you could buy whichever your hand crossed over first.
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    I don't agree with that.
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    I would like both on the same dvd but that wont happen the will put the new one out only till everone get it and then put out the old ones then everone will buy it after that and everone has 2 sets then they will make them in one set with something new so we buy them and on and on . i now have 5 dif. sets
    of just VHS so i would all the DVDS

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    Next thing you know he will want to redo the entire OT, with...
    Luke-Leo Dicaprio
    Han-Harrison Ford
    Leia-Cameron Diaz
    Darth Vader-Arnold S.
    Lando-Chris Rock
    Chewie-Yao Ming
    R2D2-Vern Troyer?-Mini Me(whatever)
    Emperor-Ian Makellen

    Who knows?
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    I want the original versions, the 20th anniversary special editions, and the archival editions. First, the classic and special editions: Release each movie as a three-disc set, one for original, one for special edition, and one for extra features. These packages should be designed like the TPM and AOTC ones are, and have the same kind of covers from the VHS set that were out in 2000 (but a little different, just how the covers of the VHS and DVD releases of the prequels are).
    Once those are out, re-tool all 6 films to fit together and have better effects, and release that as a 6-disc set, and perhaps wth a documentary or two on each disc (they can fit). Make it a big old box set, with new designs for them all.
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    I voted for both. I would like to see everything there is to see. I enjoyed the special editions. I didn't have much of a problem with the Han/Greedo thing. It was so fast, Han may have been planning to shoot already anyway, or maybe he was able to do something to mess up Greedo's aim, otherwise how could he have missed at such close range. Also, I liked the TPM Jabba better than the ANH SE Jabba.

    I liked all the other improvements to ANH. I always thought the view of the TIE fighter that led them to the Death Star looked kind of phony. It looked a bit better in the SE. I think the scene with Darth Vader holding a white saber was still in the SE though.

    I think my only complaint about the ESB SE was the elimination of the line where Luke tells Artoo it's good he doesn't taste too good.

    ROTJ is the SE I probably liked the least, as I liked "Lapti Nek" better than the big production number they put in it's place. I liked the new end music, but I liked the original as well. I could go either way on that.

    I hope they put out a box set that has everything in it. Even throw in the Ewok movies, the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, the Holiday Special, and the upcoming Clone Wars cartoons. I haven't seen any of those except the Holiday Special, and I hardly remember anything about that, though perhaps that is a good thing.

    Well, that is just a few of my thoughts on the subject.


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    Ideally we'd get all versions, but the gist i'm getting is that we're only getting either the special editions or ultimate editions. Of the two I'd prefer the special editions, for nostalgia value since they were the first time I had ever seen Star Wars in the cinema. I have fond memories of watching ESB SE, the benchmark of the saga in my opinion, despite having a desperate need to urinate throughout the entire film*. In retrospect those cgi additions were an ominous precursor for the crappiness of the prequel cartoons, sorry "live action" films (apologies to anyone who likes them). You can imagine then that I wouldn't be interested in 'ultimate' editions which in any way linked the classic films to the travesty of a trilogy we're currently being force fed. At most I'd hope they'd just redo the dodgy lightsabers in Episode IV.

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    If they continue with each movie being a two-disc release, then the first disc can include the original and the second the special edition. There is still lots of room for special features and it will satisfy everyone: Those familiar with the originals and those who want the newest and, in my opinion, better releases.
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