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    Will Lucas tie the gap between the trilogies with Episode Three?

    Do you think Lucas will be able to fully bridge the gap between the Prequels & the Original Trilogy with Episode III?

    Right now while we know little or nothing of confirmed spoilers, let's discuss what our readers' expectations are.

    Answer the poll question and feel free to speculate about the plot, But NO SPOILERS are allowed! - and that's ok, there really aren't any.

    Note: the news about 1 recurring Classic character possibly being in Episode 3, though on the Official Site's newspage, IS condidered a spoiler. So please don't discuss this character's appearance. It's not important for answering the question of whether Lucas will tie the gap between the trilogies with Episode Three, anyway.

    That being said: what do you think?

    Editor thanks JediTricks for suggesting the poll, and predicts Stillakid has his answer already archived with duplicate copies
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    I'll just point out:

    1) Recent Star Wars books (always scrutinized by Lucasfilm) put Episode 3 happening only 2 years after the Battle of Geonosis.

    (That would make Luke & Leia 20 years old in ANH)

    [Seems too short of time for the Clone Wars IMO]

    2) I doubt we will see ALL the Jedi killed off by the end of the movie. There are 10,000 Jedi Knights (in teams of at least 2, on some 5,000 planets). In the 20 (or 18) years before ANH, Vader has to have something to do...

    3) R2-D2 and C-3PO will not be delivered to the hands of Captain Antilles. They have to have their "Droids" (comic and cartoon) adventures I think - so we don't know exactly how they come back to Leia's family's service (or perhaps they were just lost during some portion of those 20 years).

    4) Luke will not learn to whine about his chores by the end of the movie. He will develop this ability during the gap between movies.

    5) Han will not meet Chewie, and Lando's origins may not be shown.

    6) Tarkin, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, Garven Dreis (Red Leader), might be detailed a little.

    7) The Rebel Alliance will not be seen established in its familiar form, but Bail Organa might be deeply considering it. Corellia may not have its senator (Garm Bel Ibis) play a part in the movie, thus we don't see it's total formation (with Bel Ibis, Mothma, and Organa).

    8) JarJar and the Gungans will probably die, Naboo will be wiped out, most likely.

    9) The Death Star might get started. Or at least the Contractors' Association members will start bidding on the job.

    10) How Yoda ends up on Dagobah, and Luke with his Aunt and Uncle should be seen.

    11) I doubt, and hope we will not see Hayden Christensen's face while he's wearing Vader's armor. His identity will be a mystery. (I strongly predict and hope for Obi-Wan having a new apprentice by the time of the next movie, so in ANH he won't be such an obvious liar to those who watch all of SW as one 12 hour movie, when they've never seen it before).

    12) Stormtroopers may see an appearance. Palpatine will declare himself Emperor. There might be a new source of Clone DNA (from a relative of Han Solo?)

    13) Padme won't die, but we'll know that she's going to, and exactly how and why. Leia's existence will be hidden in the film. They won't make it obvious that Padme had twins.

    14) Vader will know that Obi-Wan lives, and that he's watching over Luke in exile. That's why Skywalker's name's not changed. I think they'll make a deal - and also why Vader loyally serves the Emperor (to keep him from destroying Luke). I think the last time they'll meet, he'll be Vader, but they won't fight, and instead settle on this. "You should not have come back!" Tarkin never knew about it though.

    I'm sure I forgot other stuff, but that's what I'd predict.

    Oh 15) Fett will "kill" Mace, but he won't actually. Mace will vanish in the Force, proving it can be done, since they heard Qui-Gon's voice in the Force.

    16) Vader will kill Wat Tambler, Dooku (while still Anakin), Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi. Some good lightsaber battles there...

    17) Dooku will be revealed to be Anakin's father. I hope. It pushes him to think the Jedi hid that from him and let him murder his own father, plus didn't let him save his mother, or Padme (who he thinks died while pregnant until later, as Vader, he realizes he was wrong about that, and makes a deal with Obi-Wan to raise his son).
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    You say no spoilers, but how do you know these aren't spoilers????

    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Originally posted by Lando In My Pants
    You say no spoilers, but how do you know these aren't spoilers????
    Because Tycho knows they are just wacky fantasies . . . do you really think Lucas will bother to allow for the Droids cartoon adventures ?

    We're not supposed to talk about Chewbacca actually being in E3, yet we can speculate that Han will not meet him in the movie? That's . . . uh . . . well that makes no sense.

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    Agreed with Caesar. Besides, the fact that it was officially announced on means that it's not a spoiler. It would only technically be a spoiler, if it was from a spy report. It's actually released information. Just like James Earl Jones being needed for around 5 minutes for voicing Darth Vader.

    Knowing the character is in the film isn't a spoiler, Steve snd JT already confirmed that when JEJ was revealed. Now if some Spy Report reveals what he does in the movie, thats another story. By the way, Naboo can't be destroyed Lucas/Lucasfilm signed off on the planet for Star Wars Galaxies. Same with Gungans.

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    Geez, I don't know about Dooku being Ani's father.

    BTW, I voted Yes, completely.

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    I voted not completely.. While I certainly hope they do, and they certainly may... with the likes of Stilla runnin rampant on these forums, I can only assume he will never fully agree that the transition is complete... ah heck - its anyones guess.. Im just glad were starting to get trickles of info on it.. MORE MORE I SAY!!
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    1) Palpitine takes care of Darth Sidious when Sidous begins to gain too much power and threatens Palpitines seat... I say they are two different people.

    2) Anakin begins whoopin' up on Dooku and will strike him down though defenseless when Obi-Wan steps in and gets the backlash... then finally must put Anakin in his place. Dooku escapes and kills many jedi thus setting Anakin (now recovered by Palpatine and healing) to draw on the Dark side for revenge on Dooku and Obi-Wan.

    3) Han is in the movie, but in some small way, and accidentally saves the hide of a Jedi from a vengeful Boba Fett (Han is about ten during this episode) thus sparking the life long "feud"

    4) Padme can't die because Leia remembers her real mother just faintly in ROTJ when talking with Luke. She instead wisps away with Leia to Alderaan and it is discovered that not only Leia's "father" (Bail) is killed with the death of the planet, but also her real mother.

    5) Yoda chases Dooku to Dagobah and kills him them, thus releasing the dark energy that so well masks his presence on the planet for 20+ years to come... he goes with Obi-Wan, but he must leave before they find Dooku to "rescue" Anakin... this is why Obi-Wan knows where Yoda is, yet why Yoda is stuck there... Obi-Wan can still feel Yoda, and knows he must not go back in fear of the life of a newborn Luke.

    Hell, I could write this thing for George if he'd just ask!

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    Well I hope we don't see everyone in episode 3. I think it would be a little silly for a ten yar old Han to show up. Not everyone's lives have to be connected. I would like to see Mon Mothma and Tarkin though.

    I don't think George is going to bridge it completely, even if he could. Didn't he say he was gonna add some stuff to the original trilogy after III is Leia remembering Padme? Maybe that was all just a nasty rumor I picke dup does sound like something George would do though.

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    if the past is any indication, all this speculation will end around the end of the summer/early fall! all those low paid interns, effects artists, and extras will start leaking stuff out just as they did with the last film.


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