Sure, we've hashed this one out before, but I don't think we ever polled everybody on it.

Here's what we "know."

The Orginal Trilogy (OT) as first released, can be transfered onto DVD's and put out immediately if George wanted to.

The Special Editions as released in 1997 could be transfered onto DVD's and put out immediately if George wanted to.

There is a ton of expanded footage from the Insider's Guide and Behind the Magic CD-Roms, and more that's already prepped to be put on DVD's as bonus material, and it would take less time to re-use that, to add some selling value to 'the first version' of the OT on DVD.

George wants to go back to the OT in 2006 and do some more work on it.

Things like the 'bad Jabba CGI-work' are rumored to be fixed, so Jabba will look right, and the scene stays in.

Things like adding a scene with Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa on Alderaan right before the Death Star shoots, are less credible rumors.

Things like more exterior shots of the Falcon battling TIE Fighters in the Death Star Escape could be representative of cool added footage that doesn't really change the original film, but improves it.

Everyone in the whole world except George likes Han shooting Greedo in cold blood. He was threatening Solo's life, or at the very least mugging him, so Greedo got what he deserved, and Han kept the edge on himself a little while longer.

There are a lot of possibilities here, but let's keep the poll simple.

What version of the Classic Trilogy would you buy on DVD?