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    Will ANY new figures be released in 2003 at retail???

    Seriously now nuch much if anything new came out in Nov or Dec 02. Now Jan, Feb and March of 03 have come and gone and there have only been a few scattered reports of a few new figures here or there. Will they ever come out at retail? Or do the retail stores just want to keep choking on their ATOC first wave figures that have been sitting on the pegs for a year??
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    I sure hope so. I've pretty much given up checking any store except Wal-Mart (and that pains me since I appall their business practices and try not to shop there at all). None of my Targets or TRU have restocked with any new Star Wars toys. In fact, at Target it appears they haven't gotten any new toys since before Christmas. I've never seen the shelves so barren.

    The newer figs have made it to Wal-Mart but if you don't get there the day they are stocked, you're out of luck. I still haven't seen the new Mace, Ephant Mon, or Speeder Bikes at retail yet.
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    I cant speak for KB,Target,TRU, or K-Mart since the closest ones are more then an hour away, but Wal-Mart seems to be a great source for new Star Wars figures.

    Here is a question for all you guys. Are the pegs full of older AOTC figures? If so, on your day off, buy them all, or at least half of them. Then, take them to ANOTHER wally world, and get your money back, or get credit. Just make up any story, and trust me, the cashier wont give a darn as long as you have your sales slip.

    Then, your other Wal-Mart will be out of stock. Tell the toy manager, and they should go in the back and get a couple of cases for ya

    (just dont tell them who gave you the idea )
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    When my Wal Mart actually had more than 4 pegs devoted to Star Wars I could find things, but then they reduce a whole aisle selection to 4 pegs and all I see is Mace with constipation face. There's no way I am buying that figure again to make room for more of him and his buddies.
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    I haven't seen anything new since Feb. and that was Yoda. I know I will be able to get them. Right now I am happy I haven't seen any cayse money is tight.
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    Man, I have given up on retail and am buying mint cases from EE for $64.99. It's worth it to me, because I'm just POed about the retail stores and scalpers. Like above you have to be there at opening everyday to score. I hate seeing 40 year old men running to the hotwheels and SW anyways, it makes me sick. I'd like to beat the living crap out of them!
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    There seems to be a lot of hostility in these threads lately. What's wrong with you people. They're just toys!

    Anyway, the new waves are starting to show up. They get put out when there is room. If you find a new unopened case at your local store, ask a sales person for help. They will usually open it for you and you can get what you want.

    I do agree that if you don't get them when first put out, you may not get them at all. I live in the Central FL area and check ebay on a daily basis for people scalping from this area. Guess what, I usually find nothing. That means one of two things. The collectors or tourist are getting them or flea market sellers. We don't have a lot in the way of scalper collector shops anymore. Someone must be buying them for keeps.
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    Oh geez, dont get me started on Flea Martkets. There is one close by that is owned by that guy on Toy Story 2(well, looks and acts like him)

    He has the new Padme and Anakin priced at $30 each.Plus he calls me "hun". Anybody that calls me hun,babe, or anything of that nature just ticks me off. I have now lost all respect for flea markets..
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    Originally posted by Sidiously Darth
    There seems to be a lot of hostility in these threads lately. What's wrong with you people. They're just toys!

    I do agree with th emajority here, nothing has been at retail in my area for months. x-mas is about right. Just saw (purchased)my second Clone Pilot from a KB.

    I am looking forward to these new figures, but fear I might never see them.

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    Originally posted by Amy
    I have now lost all respect for flea markets..
    Thats a frightning thought- you once had respect for flea markets?

    I haven't seen any new basic figures since Christmas, until a week or so ago. It looks like things are slowly starting to show up now.



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