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    Stormtrooper vs. Sandtrooper

    Anyone else disappointed by the stormtrooper set after getting the sandtrooper set. The weapons are more correctly sized for the figures hands with the sandtroopers, plus the stands. Some of the stormtroopers won't balance correctly even with the help of a stand. The knee joint is crooked.

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    I want a Snowtrooper set!

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    I wasn't disappointed at all.
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    I haven't gotten my sandtrooper set yet but I also LOVE my stormies - the best sculpt in the universe.

    On a side note though, I did notice some of them were kinda bent up weird, but it was because of the way they were packaged in that tight sardine box - since mine have been out and about, reaking havoc on some rebels, they are standing straight
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    nice to know there's hope for them to straighten up.

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    I got my five sets in the mail this morning and although they did have some warping on a few limbs and a couple of the pauldrons were bent up a bit of tweaking and bending fixed them up, plus in one set i got an extra blaster which was nice. I didn't buy the stormie set as i already had thirty commtech ones and didn't need any more but these sandtroopers sure do look really nice in formation. The orange pauldron is perhaps a tad too bright but I really have no grumbles about them. The stands are much better than I thought they would be. Hard plastic. Hope far more figures come with these things in future.
    Can't wait for the rebel trooper set now. And a snowtrooper set would be good too. But i think i'd like a Death star trooper set first. Only if they straighten up the legs though.

    But yeah the sandtrooper set is really nice. Expensive as they were to me I think I'm glad I spent out on them.

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    MORE TROOP BUILDERS SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the stormies, and am looking forward to a couple sets od sand stormies.

    Now how about:

    Battle Droids
    Snow Troopers
    Rebels (all locations)

    The price is right. The packaging is fine - as these are obviously for openers and army builders. And their availability is not a significant question.

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    Yes, I have eight of my Stormtroopers out protecting the top of my entertainment center. I still have 12 more, plus 4 sandtroopers that need to come out, but egad, no where left to put them. I am not disappointed at all, the only thing was, my brother came to town, and had my stormies doing a line dance like the rockettes.
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    I too like both sets. I wish I had the funds to order a couple more of each one. Well maybe they won't dissapear to fast!
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    How about a droid troop builder set? It could have a holograhic R2, an R4, an R3, and a good sculpt of an R5. Better yet they could come molded in all black and all white for painting your own droids. Keep up the good work with the troop builder sets Hasbro.


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