It has always been a dilemma for collectors when Hasbro issues a figure pack-in with a vehicle/playset. Youíve got to spend the big bucks for the vehicle/playset which some donít need. Sometimes the figure is reissued after but itís not the same figure from the vehicle/playset which frustrates completists even further. Why canít the same figure be reissued as it is? I could care less if it was on the same baggie or card pack-in that it was inside the vehicle/playset. For starters Hasbro should reissue or have the following figures available through the FC or even a direct mail-in like the Muftak and Kabe;

1) Red R2 from Royal Starship
2) AT-AT Commander
3) Scanning Crew technician
4) Wedge
5) Bespin Guard from CFC playset
6) A-Wing Pilot
7) Y-Wing Pilot

I've also noticed that several online stores are selling the figure pack-ins from the Episode I playsets. Where did they get these? I don't think that they bought a lot of playsets and just discarded them to sell just the figures.