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Thread: Wal-Mart Stinks

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    Unhappy Wal-Mart Stinks

    My Wal-Mart stinks. I saw a new case of figures that had just been put out with 2x Padme Factory Chase, 2x Tusken Raider Ambush, 1x Research Droids, 2x Rebel Trooper, 1x Imperial Officer, 2x Teebo, and 2x Eeth Koth. Now, I was excited to see new figures but you want to know what the Employee who set them out did? He crushed certain bubbles of certain figures. Now, not all of them were that bad, but some, about 10 of them, were beyond the point of salvagable. Not being all crushed, I knew it wasn't a shipping problem because otherwise they would all have been destroyed, but it was only certain ones. The Imperial officer was gone when I got there, meaning it was fine, I picked up one Eeth Koth and that was all I could see that was fine. Both Teebos were destroyed, the Research Droids, the actually figures, were loose in the package and the bubble crushed, both padmes destroyed, both Tusken Raiders and both Rebel Troopers were crushed and the other Eeth Koth was crushed and the bubble was a little separated from the card back. It was almost as if someone had trampled on them for an hour before putting them out. Because of this, I don't know if I can trust Wal-Mart anymore. I still check back when I can, but it breaks my heart when I walk into that toy isle and think that such a terrible thing happened in that isle. It hurts because I have waited so long for these figures and then something like this happens. I'm just curious to if anything like this happens to any of your Wal-Marts. I would like to let everyone know again that Wal-Mart in Kenosha sucks.

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    I agree with JediBrian, except for the part about re-selling them in the future. I'm a non-opener and I personally prefer them to be MOMC, but only because they look better on my wall than if it were crushed. However, as we Canadians seldom find new stuff anyways, I would rather see them "available" in crushed packaging in retail stores, than to not see them at all. I have lots of non-mint figures and I'm just as happy because I get to own it, period. I also really like the fact that the Walmart staff purposely crushed them to stop scalpers. "I hate them, I wish I can kill them all, even their women, their children..." Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
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    Tell the manager!!!! We are NOT allowed to do ANY kind of damage to our products. That is soooo dumb. Lets destroy the cunsumers products so we can ram our sales into the ground.
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    NO, no, no. That person should be fired for destroying company propertry. As far as anyone crushing the bubbles that is ridiculous. I hate that more than anything. Who cares who buys it. It is not up to him to decide that. As a MOMC collector I hate that. I have had to pass on so many figures because of that. That crap irks me.
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    I think it's stupid for people to intetionally crush the bubbles. I am not a MOMC collector, however, I do collect figures on card and I prefer (at least) near mint cards. Is there something wrong with that? Geez, I am entitled to my collecting mint on near mint cards as the other collectors are entitled to open them. And I do not intend on selling my figures at any point, contrary to your belief, JediBrian.
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    Why do you all assume that it was the employee that crushed them, or even that they were intentionally crushed at all? All the guy said was that he thought they were crushed purposely because only some of them were busted up. And then he immediatly accused an employee. First of all, just because only some of the figures are crushed doesn't mean that it was intentional, actually it would make more sense for it be a shipping accident. I work at a grocery store and very rarely does every piece of product in a case get crushed, 99% of the time only the ones on the bottom or the side get smashed up. So right away, I would think that someone did not intentionally crush 'em. And second, why do you think it was the employee? Did you see them do it with your own eyes? What stupid-arse employee would crush his own product, he is risking his job by doing it, and it makes his department look bad by having crushed product on the shelf. So, if it was crushed intentionally, which I doubt it was, it would more likely be a customer/scalper than an employee. And since when does a scalper discriminate on which toys he messes up? I would think most scalpers crush everything in sight, not just certain ones.
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    First off I disagree with JediBrian. I like to keep my figures in their packages, but I'm not terribly concerned that the package is totally flawless. I have no intention of selling my collection. If I was, I would do it now when I could use the money. My son tells me to sell my collection, but I enjoy collecting SW figures.

    Next, as a former Wal-Mart employee, I saw some of the boxes as they would come off the truck. I used to unload the trucks, and sometimes the their would be fragile boxes stuck under heavier boxes, or smashed inbetween a pallet and the wall of the truck. Unless voronsalive saw the employee crush the box/figures, then he can't blame them directly. Wal-Mart gets a certain amount of credit for each shipment to cover some of the loses during shipping, at least they did when I worked there.
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    Originally posted by JediBrian
    Nothing wrong with having a stupid hobby like that I guess. But maybe some people consider crushing action figures packages as a hooby.

    LOL. I never thought of that, next time I go to a store in a toy aisle, I'll crease the cards! OPENING the figs is a hobby, keeping them closed is purely for profit!!! You will never be able to use your jedi mind tricks to convince me otherwise!!!!
    Um, what's a hooby? Must be something new all these young kids are talking about these days. I gotta get back with the young folks, catch up on the slang and whatnot.

    That's probably the most rediculous thing i've ever heard. I've been collecting MOMC for years and i haven't made a single penny off of it. Assuming that a MOC collector makes money off MOMC is very rude and ignorant. Think before you speak next time. Cheers!!
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    LOL, another "I'm better than you because I open and play with my toys contest". Come on, who cares if you open them or not. I think most are crappy figures and look way better in the package. That's just me. Sure I open a few awesome figures like Mon and FX-7, but I'm a MOMC collector and thats how it has been since 95. I have traded and helped many members here and never made a cent, sometimes you end up going out of your way to do so, so don't give me crap about profit there buddy.
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    Originally posted by JediBrian
    All you MOMC "collectors" can kiss my shiny white jedi ***! It's because of YOU that nothing is available anymore. You greedy MOMC collectors buy up every action figure and every case, so you can store it in your moms basement and sell it on E-bay.
    So are you saying all MOMC collectors buy up every figure in every case? I've gone in and bought only one figure, or two if I want one to open. I leave plenty of figures for others to enjoy and buy at regular retail. I actually bought a third set of the trash compactors to sell, but only for what I paid for them, plus shipping, since not everyone in this country lives close to a Wal-Mart. I've never sold even one figure on eBay, nor do I intend to. And as far as kissing your rear quarters, well you can kiss my shiny white Stormtrooper lower back section! Happy now!
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