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    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    I'm still striking out. Not only haven't I seen a Lando but I haven't even seen a single figure from this wave. I'm not to my panic stage as it seems this area is one of the last places to get anything new.
    i haven't seen them anywhere in texas yet. and so far they haven't really hit e-bay with much force either.(which would indicate they are everywhere) so far i've only heard of them being found on the west coast, up in the north east and lousiana.

    either SARS is really having an impact on getting new stuff out, or hasbro has drastically cut production of the 12 inch line.

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    I haven't seen a thing in Jersey of the Lando Wave. Heck, the last time I saw the Anakin wave was when I bought them months ago. They're long gone, yet there are still plenty of Imp. Officers, Zam's, and Super Battle Droids - even Dooku, Dengar and Zuckuss are still available! I would have to agree - either SARS is preventing a lot of stuff from being made in China, or Hasbro killed the production. I certainly hope the new assortment is more plentiful. I want the Ewoks, but I think they're gonna be just one per case, and thus impossible to find.

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    I found this wave last week at a TRU here in Louisville. They had two of each. So don't give up they are still shipping!
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    Here it is the middle of Lando 12" wave anywhere here in Maryland that I've heard. Everyone's sitting on Dengar/Anakin with robotic hand waves.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    I emailed Hasbro this morning regarding the avaliability of these products. I specifically asked when they will ship to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This was their reply:

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We appreciate your interest. We have been told they have shipped.

    All current Hasbro products are carried by Toys R Us Most or all Hasbro products can be found at your local Wal-Mart,
    and other toy and mass merchandise retailers.

    Some of our products can also be found online at,, ,, or

    Please keep in mind that depending on time of year, retailer distribution systems, store inventory and sales patterns, it may take from several weeks up to several months after the availability dates given for some products to show up on store shelves!

    We apologize but we cannot guarantee product availability at any one store, nor are we able to offer the product for direct sales.


    Keep waiting I guess!

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    i'm thinking that hasbro made a really small batch of the lando/han/AT driver wave due to poor sales in the 12" line. and i'm convinced these limited number of figures have only been sent to certain parts of the country, not intentionally, but that's just how it worked out.

    this wave hit the west coast in april. since i can recall, when something hit california, almost always it was in texas 2-3 weeks later. i always watch for stuff hitting california so i can know to start looking in my area in a few weeks.

    well, here we are months later, and i've seen nothing from the skiff lando wave, they aren't showing up on e-bay hardly at all, and none of the online stores are getting any more.

    i think this could be the begining of the end for the 12 inch line.

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    Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing derek. This year we are getting what, 10 figures? So far 4 of them are characters we already have. Maybe cutting back a bit, and concentrating on other characters for a while is the way to go. Hmm?

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    I dont know about that. I own an industrial manufacturing company that manufacturers products for home and office ergonomics, more specifically Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All retail manufacturers are basiclly alike in that we manufacture and distribute for low production cost and high gross adjusted income. I do not manufacture toys but I believe Hasbro made a smart business move. Your east and west coast regions are the largest for retail sales simply because they are more densely populated. Hasbro released these products banking on the fact that they would be instant hits and immediate sell-outs. Now if they are anything like my company, they had R & D, and soft-tooling done with this wave when the Dengar wave was released. The Dengar wave is still piling up on shelves so Hasbro pulled the plug on this wave. Hasbro would not pull remaining Dengar wave figures to make room for the new wave. That would really burn retailers. At least on my end I see a wise business move but the collector in me says bad news because if we have not seen them on the shelves by now, they probably wont make it here.

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    Mini-rock, I was typing my reply so I did not receive a chance to first read your post, I believe you are correct in that assumption!

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    This year we are getting what, 10 figures?
    hey mini-rock,

    we're getting more than that......

    1. anakin*
    2. padme
    3. geo warrior
    4. luke on tauntaun*
    5. boussh leia*
    6. skiff lando
    7. han solo*
    8. AT-ST driver
    9. gamorrean guard
    11. jedi luke*
    12. scout trooper*
    13. ewok
    14. ewok
    15. yoda

    and if hasbro follows their schedule, a possible 3 figure wave at the end of the year.(???)

    *...........but you are right, too many re-hashes.

    i still wish hasbro would junk the idea of making the 12 inch line for kids, and concentrate on the adult/collector market with hi-quality 12 inch figures.


    hey wampa,

    so if i read your post correctly, you just think hasbro is producing less, not necessarly ending the line?


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