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    I'm presenting a hypothetical scenario as though my company were in this situation. I would either cut the number of waves released per year or release fewer figures per wave. A basic manufacturing and demand. Although the adult collectors are screaming for more new figures and less resculpts, we are probably less than twenty percent or so of their market. Not enough for Hasbro. This line of 12" figures is most likely surviving due to rehashed figures. This should only last a season or two, or until consumer confidence starts to grow. Once that happens we should see more new sculpts. You see, I believe Hasbro is rehashing due to necessity. A rehashed figure brings the same amount of net profit at the register but only costs a quarter the amount to R & D and produce. A good example was the Dengar wave. That wave, of all new figures, was most likely developed during a steady economy. If the Dengar wave sold out and created more of that gross adjusted income, you may have noticed more of the Lando wave on the shelves. The good good news is, the Lando wave collector value will skyrocket. No this is not the end or anywhere near it. Keep hope that consumer confidence will grow then we will see some interesting figures coming down the pipeline!

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    I live in Md., and I've not seen the 12" Lando wave anywhere...Toys R Us, Target, WalMart or KayBee!
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    How often is this issue brought up? It seems like 4 times a year we all speculate on whether or not the 12" wave has been cancelled, but it always sticks around.

    As I recall, the wave was scheduled for release in april, and here it's only june. I didn't see the Dooku wave in stores until 5 months after the scheduled release, and the same for the Dengar wave.

    So I won't be worrying until this fall. However, I will admit that it's strange that there are so few on ebay, and the majority seem to be from overseas sellers.

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    Originally posted by derek

    i think this could be the begining of the end for the 12 inch line.

    I hope they will still continue this line of dolls.... but in anticipation of this "business" move, i have also started my collection on the Unleashed series so that i dun become a ZOMBIE if Hasbro really decides to cut this line off.

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    well this wave finally showed up at my local toys 'r us. it looks like they only got one case(2 of each figure). i picked up one set, and lando is the best of the three, and that ain't saying much since han and the AT-ST driver are pretty you're welcome hasbro. i'm doing my part to keep this line going!

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    This is the 2nd time I've seen the lando wave here in KC, MO. Fortunately, I had money this time, and picked up the Lando and AT-ST driver.
    Although I still think the ATST driver was an odd choice for the 12" line, I really like this figure and think he may better than the lando. They both look great displayed on my shelf, though. Hope the rest of you get better luck hunting for them.
    I hope now that these figures' accessories have been produced, we may get a Weequay and General Veers someday.

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    Although I still think the ATST driver was an odd choice for the 12" line, I really like this figure and think he may better than the lando. They both look great displayed on my shelf
    i'm really glad that hasbro is using their better articulated bodies on some of their newer figures, but for the AT-ST driver the newer joe body is a bad match. i swapped him out with a HOF body, as his CC Joe legs are just way too short and his helmet and head are just too big for the CC joe body.

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    I don't know if this is a sign that the Lando wave is actually gonna hit, but for the first time in months, I found what looked like a case-worth of the Padme wave in my local TRU. Likely they were simply sitting in the back all this time, but I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tagmac
    I don't know if this is a sign that the Lando wave is actually gonna hit.....
    the last few weeks, i've been seeing the lando wave at almost every toys 'r us i visit. give it another month and everyone should be able to find this wave fairly easily.

    .........and now that i have both lando's, i didn't think i'd say this, but the original bespin lando is a much better likeness of billy dee williams, it just needs a better paint job.

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    No Way!

    I just got my Lando Skiff Guard today from a friend that found the wave in southern San Diego stores (it's not hitting in the central county area probably due to shelf-warmers).

    Lando is awesome and his likeness is right on! He might be a bit darker than Billy Dee Williams, but the sculpt sure looks like him! 3 accessories, the gun going in the holster, the Joe hand grip feature, the uniform and helmet detail! Dang when they do it good they do it good! I was thoroughly impressed with Lando and the 12" got me back into his character, too.

    The AT-ST Driver I asked my buddy to pick up for me, understanding that I might ask him to return it. It's too cool to be sent back. I haven't opened him, nor do I plan to for a while. He's for my Vietnam scene, so it'll probably be a while.*

    *I don't collect GI Joe or Universal Soldiers, but I loved looking at those lines. A guy I've met in my comic shop that does collect them, made really cool scenes with props, muddying them up, and forming platoons in combat! OK, well I can't recreate Hamburger Hill exactly, nor would I have room even if I got my dream house with all the sapce for SW scenes in it. So I want to do this instead:

    2 Death Star Troopers
    1 Imperial Army Officer (black unif.)
    1 Imperial Navy Officer
    1 AT-ST Driver (heavy equipment spec.)


    black Endor Rebel Soldier
    2 white Endor Rebel Soldiers
    GI Joe add-ins, or Ultimate Soldier add-ins, with extra SW weapons

    I don't think I'll add stormtroopers or scout troopers, even if they re-release them. I don't think I'll use Ewoks in the scene either.

    See, if I could afford the cash and the space, I'd do dioramas from the films:

    Last of the Mohicans
    The Patriot
    Legends of the Fall
    Pearl Harbor
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Thin Red Line
    Three Kings
    Black Hawk Down
    Predator (and in that case, I'd use the Predator alien)

    Human, unarmored, Imperials and Rebels, from the Battle Of Endor, come the closest I could get to satisfying this urge.

    I still think the uniforms and costumes from the 1700's and a little bit lesser the 1800's, could lend themselves to some kick-butt dioramas!
    I know they made a figure of George Washington, but I would have liked a whole pool table's worth of warriors to set up and fight!

    But what was my point? Oh yeah, I dug the AT-ST Driver. A nice surprise!

    Viet-endor here I come!
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