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    Lando Skiff, AT-ST Driver, and Han Solo

    These are IN STOCK now at Entertainment Earth .
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    Sold Out, they expect more in June, Just wasn't quick enough!
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    Yeah, I knew they'd go quick, but no worries since there will be plenty available soon enough. Mine should be here tomorrow (hopefully) so I'll proly post when I get them in.

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    wow, i can't believe they sold out this quick. i don't recall the last few waves selling out at all.(i could be wrong though)

    mini rock,

    for sure give us the scoop on these.
    i've heard lando's helmet is way too big. and i guess we'll find out if lando's head is hollow or solid!

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    Originally posted by derek
    i've heard lando's helmet is way too big.
    IT'S HUGE!! I could eat a salad out of this thing. Still it looks good on the figure. For some reason the sculpt looks more like Apu from The Simpsons than Lando, and don't remember Lando having this kind of hair. The gun and spear thingy look cool, but the holster for the blaster is super cheesy. As for whether his head is hollow or not I can't tell if it is. I squeezed it, and it feels solid, but maybe there is another way to tell. Overall this is an ok figure, but anyone stressing about geting this, but is worried about the funds, IMO wait till this set goes on clearence. The AT-ST Driver looks cool. His goggles don't fit snug so you have to position the helmet just right in order for the goggles to stay on. I like the hands they gave these (like Dooku's) so you can position them just right to make it look like it's pulling a gun trigger. The AT-ST Driver comes with the same boots that the Imperial Officer came with. Han also comes with these. Han is by far the frikkin ugliest looking figure. It's not Han, it's Fred Flintstone. If you guy's thought Anakin w/ slashing action was bad just wait till you see this. The same method of head attachment is used here that was used on 2 saber Ani which IMO is unexcusable when the clothing used doesn't cover this part of the neck up. The action feature is pretty cool, and the poseability of these figures are much easier to do b/c of the bodies (I guess). I'm not sure what bodies they are, but the feel the same as Ultimate Jango or Plo Koon.

    I've been collecting for awhile, but this is the first time I have received new figures and thought to myself "My God! Why 'am I collecting this crap?" The AT-ST Driver was the best out of the bunch IMO, w/ Lando a close second, but Han is just horrible, and this is bad cosidering I like 2 saber Ani.

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    Just got new Lando Wave

    Welp just recieved the new 12" wave. I have opened them all so I tell everybody what to expect. By the far the best of the three is of course Lando in Disguise. good face sculpt of Billy Dee, has the kung fu grip hands, his shirt is a nice silky material and comes with cool weapons. The helmet is kinda a tad to big for scale but it's not terrible. only problem is it doesn't go on his head snug and It bobbles around if you move him.

    The AT-ST driver is decent enough. Sure he''ll look cool next to my other 12" Imperial army figures. The face sculpt is adequate. I like the scar, adds a little character. His helmet fits on snug because it has an actual elastic strap. Only odd thing about it are the googles ( I don't know if this is just mine or if they come like this) - the elastic on them is way too long and is pretty useless. I just bungied it with one of those clear plastic rubber bands to keep it on. It's too bad he doesn't have a holster for his gun. Oh well

    Ok, and finally the..uggh...yeah he's that bad...ughh um..Han Solo? Ok, Ok, the figure itself is not bad for a rehash. It's only the horrible face sculpt. It's just as everyone I've heard say, it looks absolutely nothing like Harrison Ford in any movie he has ever made. He's got elephant ears and this odd fake peach color. yuck. Im thinking of taking the head off, repainting it and using it for another Imperial Officer or something. it looks that far from Ford.
    It's a shame too cus the body and clothing are pretty good. "Han's" blaster is redone and looks particularly great. I personally don't care about the quick draw lever but it's hidden enough and doesn't intrude with anything so it's fine by me.
    anyway, that's my two cents. I recommend the Lando and AT-ST driver but unless you might want to customize, stay away from Barney Rubble Han. :P
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    Thanks for the review Doc. I'm really looking forward to picking up Lando when he hits the stores.
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    one other thing about the Han I noticed, His blaster doesn't fit in his holster very good. Hasbro must have cheaped out and not redone the holster to fit the new blaster scuplt....hmmm imagine that. oy vey.
    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88mph, your gonna see some serious...."

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    Just got this wave this weekend at Meijers, and I passed on the Han right away. The lando was O.K. for me. I'm thankful for the fig, but the helmet just doesn't look right since you cant even see the figs eyes when it's on the head. The clothing also looks customed. However the AT-ST Driver was what I saw as the real treat. When you get that helmet and goggles firmly on the fig it is perfect. Now I just have to excitedly wait for the Gamorian Guard.
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    Question Has Lando and AT-ST Driver hit the stores yet?

    I live in Dallas and none of my local retail outlets have these figures yet. Have they been released to retailers other than internet? Thank you for your responses.


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