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    Is this a new MM?


    You may have seen the new packing for the Hasbro Obi Wan figure - see pic.

    But what else is in the pack - is it a ship or some kind of droid?


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    Angry oh man! it's like hasbro's picking up a bad habit like smokin'

    once ya start, ya can't quit!

    looks like we'll start having to collect potj crap if we wann git new mm's

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    POTJ, crap?

    "I think you underestimate the line!" Have you not seen the Neimoidian EP1 figs? Apart from Nute's unfortunate hand position, they're superdetailed face-wise. I just wish they wouldn't make the feet longer than the cloaked or caped figures. (DS being the exception)


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    Red face i only refer to it as crap cause mason doesn't like to play with the bigger figures

    and if i'm to buy potj stuff so's i can get some new micro machines (which he plays with always!), i'll be knee deep in toys which will not be played with.

    maybe hasbro is just trying to kick start interest in the mm sci fi line by including mm's in the potj stuff, which they know will sell cause of it's history of collectabillity. and maybe the demand will then grow for a separate mm line which will stand on it's own.

    what i can't figure out, is that micro scaled toys have always sold well (matchbox, hotwheels, etc.). kids usally like to have alot of these guys, cause they're fun to paly with, don't take up alot of room, and are easily transportable.

    i'm jes keepin' my fingers crossed that hasbro will release new micro machines, and not just action fleet.

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    Actually, there is no confirmation that that is the final version of that pack, and I think it's more than likely just a droid or something. Look at the lightsaber, more than likely this is a prototype just made to show off the new packaging ideas. 'Course I'm probably the only person thinking everything in the image is just a prototipical version and not any type of final version....cept maybe Obi-Wan's head.
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    Exclamation apologize for callin potj crrrap? Nevah!

    cuz compared to mms, it EEZ crap! "if it's not scottish, it's crrraapp!"
    hey jdah, have You seen the potj duros? he's kinda cool & makes yer nimoydians look derivative
    i agree w/gsj, we mm collectors'll have plenty of cause to resent any further lumpin in of mm with non-mm product

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    I hope it ain't a droid - although it does look similar to those tagging drones from Star Trek Insurrection.


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    Looks like She-Ra's choker to me (wasn't He-man her choker?) or a gold romulan ship.

    I believe I was possibly the first person to bring up the connection between the Duros character and Neimoidians as this occured to me on 15th July 1999 (the day I saw EP1) so derivative this

    I think BC3's right, it's got to be some kind of drone or sumpin.

    GSJ, I am sure mms will reincarnate and you won't have to rely on such slim pickings.


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    I'm told it is a droid from the film that Obi-Wan does battle with. I won't get into it any further, but it supposedly fits in with an early scene.

    Speaking of Nemoidians and their inappropriate hand positions, I made this file (attached) waaaaay back in July '99, the gag is a bit mature and is in the details.
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    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Arrow well from an mm collectors perspective.....

    that's good news that it is not a mm tie in

    however, i am not convinced, unfortunately , that mm's will in fact reincarnate jeddah, it's been almost two years since the last new sci fi mm, that was packaged on it's own, hit the shelves (titan ae phoenix, and stinger) , the only other new sci fi mm's have been tie ins (sith repaint, holo royal starship, holo deathstar 2). i hope i'm jes being unnecessarily pessimistic, but i do believe that i am seeing a trend taking place here

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