I can't find any markings on my Battle Squads boxes about the scale size of the vehicles.

There's a different line of military aircraft at BigLots which is 1/72 scale. They have a B17 and P38J that are pretty nice looking, and seem to be proportionate to the Battle Squads P51 Mustang & Fokke Wulf 190. I was just trying to verify whether or not the two different brands really are to the same scale.

The other planes are by Newray, and are called the Sky Pilot Collection. The assembly and paint jobs I saw were inconsistent, so you need to look at several of each model to find ones with the plastic seams all tight and aligned, and the paint nice and even and straight. I went through about 15 boxes and found three that look pretty much perfect - two B17s with separate paint schemes (a camoflage bomber and a yellow & silver rescue plane), and a gorgeous P38J in Silver and Blue. They also had a couple other paint jobs on the P38 - one was a cool matte black and red, which I may go back for. The only weak point on these is the pilot figure. It is the same in all the planes I saw and is an unpainted, khaki-turd-brown, unarticulated lump of plastic. The canopies appear to open, and I'm definitely putting Battle Squads pilots in these, if I can find some spares - even SWAF "rebel pilots" would be an improvement!

The reason I'd like to verify the scale is because these are going to be x-mas presents for my son to open and hang from his ceiling with the Battle Squads ones. It would be nice to know if the planes really are accurate next to each other. So far, he has the F14 Phantom, C130, Fokke-Wulf 190, Apache 'copter, and A-10 Warthog, all hanging up in his room. I still need to find an opener P51 Mustang & MiG-19 Farmer for the display, too, if anyone knows of any.

Any info would be appreciated.