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    "Dead Lawyers," from DreamWorks TV, concerns attorneys who screwed clients during their working life and have to redeem themselves after death by coming back to earth and trying to help people unjustly convicted of a crime.
    I liked this show better when it was called "Highway to Heaven meets The Practice."

    I have a suggestion to SciFi Channel for a new show. It's about a cable network who is willing to dump a crap-load of money down the toilet to produce really lame programs.
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    Well, here's some of the movies sci-fi has planned for us. I just don't know anymore.

    The Sci Fi Channel has set an extensive slate of original horror, science fiction and action movies for 2003-2004; the network intends to premiere 22 such movies this year alone. In addition to the previously announced Bruce Campbell projects MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN and EARWIGS and the long-awaited PUPPETMASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS, the following are among the creature features on Sci Fi’s slate:

    • DRAGON STORM: Co-produced by UFO Films, this is a follow-up to their January video release DRAGON FIGHTER. Maxwell Caulfield and John Rhys-Davies star for director Stephen Furst in the story of alien dragons that arise from a meteor crash, and the two warring kingdoms that have to put aside their differences to stop the scaly monsters from frying them all.

    • IDAHO CREATURE INCIDENT: Shot in Bulgaria (of course), this Nu Image co-production is about a government project to use an alien being as a weapon. The creature has other ideas and rampages through the facility, whose inhabitants must stop it from escaping to the outside world. Tim Cox directs, with John Savage and Michelle Goh starring.

    • GHOST MONKEY: Set to roll this spring with Promark Entertainment, this one is about a simian monster that—we can’t put this any better than the press release—“prefers human hearts to bananas,” and is pursued by a photographer and an American investigator through the streets of India. Paul Andresen will direct from a script he wrote with Ryan Rothmaier and Nina Zippay; a cast has yet to be announced.

    • SNAKEHEAD TERROR: You knew this was coming: the ravenous fish that can crawl and survive out of water and grabbed headlines for a brief period last year now have their own movie. In this Cinetel production, rolling in Vancouver in the spring, the snakeheads infest a lake in Maryland and are soon threatening humans in a nearby town. Director and cast are TBA.

    • GARGOYLE: A fantasy thriller pitting a magician named Marcus against the evil sorcerer Calabos, who aims to take over the world with his army of living gargoyles. Once again, no director or cast have been attached yet.
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    Is the Sci-Fi channel still on the air? I think the only time I've watched it in the past year was when I saw the last half of Ice Pirates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patient Zero View Post
    Well, they have to have something else when they finally realise that Tremors is crap. Damn sasfirilen hunk of chupacabra celery eaten monkey boys who cancel Farscape!
    Well you aren't around anymore to carp on Tremors....cause I just got the series on DVD, so eat it!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    I just got the series on DVD, so eat it!
    That show is seriously a guilty pleasure of mine too, I've probably watched every episode 2 or 3 times...


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