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    I love this show. As a fan of FireFly (DAM YOU FOX NETWORK) and Serenity I had to watch it. The best was the Halloween one where he came out in his "Space Cowboy outfit".
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    I think the Halloween episode is the only one I've missed (or at least that part, dammit).

    I really like the show also. I only started watching because of my man-crush on Fillion, but it turns out I actually liked the show quite a bit.
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    I like this show, I didn't catch the first season because I was a little overloaded on crime shows at the time and this seemed like a show that would get canned, and I hate getting into good shows that get canned early. But when it got the second season, I checked it out and now it's a Monday mainstay, far better than the increasingly stupid CSI Miami (my sister and I still watch because it's so dumb that we can chat and be silly and it won't affect things). I did the same thing with The Good Wife, and now I'm playing early-episode-catch-up with both Castle and Good Wife.

    Sometimes Castle can be a tad cliche, but it has enough likability to get away with it most of the time.
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